Complexions – Beauty Comes in All Shades – Full, Free Drama from Maverick Movies

A dark skin aspiring actress is thwarted in love and work all because the color of her skin. When caught lightening her pictures online, her supportive father and light skinned best friend struggle to help her on her journey to love herself.

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Starring Shante Melvin, Janeil Davis, and Joshua T. Shipman

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  1. What a beautiful movie. I loved it. For ever Emma in my heart ❤

  2. She definitely don't need him

  3. He was late now all this time that's really told him disrespectful

  4. But she keeps sleeping with him that's crazy

  5. That was both that was ugly seriously no matter what color your skin her skin she need to be who she is and keep it moving don't change but anyone see the pretty girl

  6. Yenyen in America drama without message. Nonsense

  7. To me they all were beautiful women even the white lady. I just like Emma waay more. That attitude is what I liked most about Emma. The mirror challenge

  8. I suffer colorism even in my own continent. well, I have consoled myself to enjoy the whole row of a bus seat since most people wouldn't want to stay by me. I love this natural chocolate.

  9. I'm so glad that Almighty God doesn't look at our exterior, He looks at our hearts. Besides, we're all His creation and are beautiful in His sight.

  10. I am super dark and never ever dealt with any of this…smh…this is crazy 😡😡😡..not saying I'm the prettiest but I always received compliments about my color. I always felt my color is what made me stand out. I find the thing that make people unique or stand out or teased about is normally their biggest asset. Self love is the first step 🙌🏾 in combating issues like this.

  11. I literally just experienced this TODAY went for a job interview for a Dental Office Manager at A+ Dental in San Diego and I was treated like everything but my name and profession. The checkout guy rolled his eyes at me as soon as I said I was here for an interview. I was even spoken to differently by the check in girl who spoken to a Caucasian woman wayyyyy differently than I, with respect. When being brought back to take an assessment the check in lady made sure to tell me, we can’t use phones or calculators for the assessments. Had she actually looked at my resume she would have seen that I am currently an Orthodontic Manager with background in accounting, AR, Revenue, Training etc. I just said never mind I don’t even want the job. I immediately emailed the doctor or whomever on indeed and thanked them for the opportunity and proceeded to tell her about her staff and how unwelcoming her staff was. Would you believe that she said sorry for your experience and she has a multi-cultural office … I’m having a Hispanic and a Filipino or Asian at your front desk doesn’t compare to the discrimination I face everyday in my present and past profession, until they actually speak to me and know that I’m well capable of handling their accounts! Yeah it doesn’t feel good to be treated like this all of your life

  12. Awe Emma was Beautiful 😻❤️

  13. This was a great movie and the way they addressed the complexions of black women was well done. As a dark skin black woman I thank you

  14. I love this film. Taught me about my skin tone. As far the things we face day to day basis. I love my skin and all that it holds. God made me in His image. Thank you for filming this awesome film.

  15. Emma finding love made me cry…

  16. WOW! I can relate to being dark skinned female growing up with light skinned sisters! How everyone loved them more than me! But I always loved me and I was beautiful. I never thought that I was less of human because of skin color! Hell! Never had a problem with men. I attracted all races of men! But I only loved my black men

  17. Some of us have been brainwashed to self-hate…Colorism was prevalent in the 50s60s and STILL, 2day; they did job on our psyche…

  18. This movie was said just made cry

  19. I'm brown skinned, and I never saw a fella my complexion with a gurl Emma's complexion

  20. To me "love has no color ", and I wouldn't turn away from someone whom I'm digging on……..

  21. Stop call up Jamaica name boy we are one of the most beautiful women on the planet learn that.

  22. Emma u are beautiful dark skin girl love u baby girl 👏👏👏👏

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