Code Orange – IN FEAR (from “Back Inside the Glass”)

IN FEAR from “Back Inside the Glass”: a livestream environmental experience

originally aired on 10/31/20

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Video team:
Sunny Singh (hate5six)
Joshua Smith (MediaQuest)
Jeff Davis (Feet First Productions)
Luis Aponte
Tim Semega

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  2. This is Deftones on meth.

  3. This is what happens when you keep playing music with your friends for more than 10 years, it becomes a real fucking band, a force to be reckoned with. And the pursuit of art. This is beautiful.

  4. it's been 6 months and i'm still waiting for the full thang so i can destroy my living room

  5. Knights of the round table be seated…..

  6. Does anyone know how to watch this show in full?

  7. i love the new Drumer he is god

  8. Such a wonderfully creative group. Def does not disappoint. If I have a criticism the mix is challenging between the two voices gainwise.

  9. I fucking love this band

  10. So fucking 🔥. They have came a long way.. in the best way!!!!. Age like fine wine. My goodness

  11. holy shit. so many creative riffs !!

  12. This is what I do in my dreamatorium as well.

  13. sounds like they tried to rip off Berzerker or Anaal Nathrak and they were too busy posing to make good music

  14. Soooooooo another one of these bands… So unique and original. I definitely haven't heard 900000 bands that sound the same yet somehow better than this…
    Code Orange? No, Code Brown.

  15. What the hell is he saying all I hear is ( raaaaaaaaa fadablaaaaaaaa refenaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaa😂🤣😂😅🤣

  16. Someone turn Reba’s mic UP! Fuck!! m/

  17. Anybody who is a dbz fan would know that this song was used in Broly second coming at the end of the movie when gohan fired the kamehameha the rift's in the middle of this song are the same and I remember this band was farely new when the second Broly came out this song is also in the soundtrack list as ost for the movie if you read the booklet that comes with the case

  18. Ok this makes me miss live shows so much. Bring back concerts soon 🙂

  19. I think something's stuck in jammies mouth

  20. We know that something is wrong with humanity when we realize a MASTERPIECE like this have under 100k views…

  21. Holy shit! That fucking breakdown! 🤘

  22. dat Reba doe… thumbs up if you agree

  23. Let us buy a bluray or download of the whole show please!

  24. It's insane how good this band is. They're gonna get as big as Tool one day.

  25. Now thats a visual and audible surge of chaos, awesome

  26. love it saw them live great show

  27. they were better when they were smaller :/

  28. I don't know why they call themselves a hardcore band… this isn't hardcore music…

  29. wtf with his vocals they sound like he's cupping the damn mic with his ass

  30. BRUTAL DEATH FUCKING METAL CORE. This Is Pure Pain. Love them.

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