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I think I hate you now
When I look back I really hate you now
Twisted and torn
I’m fucking inside out
Boozy words come the wrong way out

My suffering isn’t over with
Baby pacify me
I’m alone and
I’m playing roulette with my enemy,
Relaxation is strangulation
My minds been fucked
Mental fornication

Catch me as I fall
I’m crawling up the walls
Push me to sleep
Talk, talk to me

We’re not dead
We’re not dead yet
Uh huh
Not Dead

I’m blacking out
Check check on me
I think I’m blacking out
I’m bags of crazy,
Its Without a doubt
Boozy words come the wrong way out

Its suffocating this conversation
Got me on a leash
No escaping, I’m shaken
Taped up to reality
Intoxication takes motivation
What you doing with your generation

Catch me as I fall
I’m crawling up the walls
Push me to sleep
Talk, talk to me

We’re not dead
We’re not dead yet
Uh huh

I’m done but not dead yet
Uh huh
Not dead



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  1. Makes me nostalgiac but can't quite place why

  2. Cara, essa música é perfeita! Eu gosto de todas, cada uma em sua particularidade. Mas essa música e "Wasted Time"…tem um poder sobre mim que eu não consigo entender! Muito amor por esse trabalho incrível. S2

  3. Reminds me of TAEMINs stranger.

  4. Cloves dead from the hunger games

  5. Frail love is one of favorite song ever, and this one is so different. 🤔

  6. Ohh myyy… Love your music. Beautiful voice, beautiful woman, beautiful music. Amazing.
    Hope I wrote it well, I'm from México hehehe

  7. Found you through a Hyram comment section, you did not disappoint one bit 😌

  8. Absolutely love this song!

  9. Finally a completly new sound in the charts! I like it

  10. great song mayde in fifa 21 7v7

  11. I don't want much for my birthday. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day!

  12. Gives me some nostalgic vibes I love it!

  13. I love you so much . I like your all songs , you’re amazing . When I listen to you I feel great . You’re my drug .

  14. Got this as a YouTube ad and I just HAD to hear the whole song

  15. Some of the lyrics or just the song describes how it feels to have social anxiety

  16. Stream 'Shack – Do U Know' on Spotify if you love cocaine!

  17. This has the same exact bass from “kids with guns”

  18. i aint gonna lie but this sounds like "Kids With Guns" by Gorillaz

  19. It can't get any better than this two words FUCKING AWESOME .

  20. the visuals, the vibes, the song…straight fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  21. this song is similar to "sexy back – Justin Timberlake"

  22. Came here from spotify. Beautiful song. Love it.

  23. Loved this right from the start. Some artists just stick with you, I guess. I still remember the first time I heard "Don't You Wait" randomly and became obsessed haha. I don't think the XIII EP had been released yet, so it wasn't super easy for me to find the song, but eventually, I did, and then I must've played it on repeat a thousand times. Looking forward to what comes next!

  24. Мне это нравится 🙂

  25. Never heard of you till a song rec came up well I'ma subscribe

  26. Omg this sounds so good
    That perfect Halloween spooky vibes.

  27. 5th element vibes from the video I love that

  28. i love this song sm!! definitely gonna blow up soon 🙂

  29. Nice 👍 understand it too it kinda hit me

  30. This was suggested from a music video I was on…I listen to metal what happened here

  31. OMG!!! I can´t believe it!!! CLOVES is back !!! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC

  32. Nice song and beautiful voice !

  33. I can sense from your music that you are a very smart individual. Thank you for sharing it with us xoxo

  34. OMG I've waited like crazy for this😍😍😍😍 I will listen to it a billion times😍😍aaaaa You're amazing ❤

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