Christian Movie “Where Is My Home” | The True Story of a Girl Returning to God (English Full Movie)

Full Christian Movie | “It’s Good to Believe in God” | Returning to God, I Find a Happy Life (English Full Movie)

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Christian Movie “Where Is My Home” | The True Story of a Girl Returning to God

Wenya’s parents separated when she was two, and after that she lived with her father and stepmother. Her stepmother couldn’t stand her and was always arguing with her father. He had little choice—he had to send Wenya to her mother’s house, but her mother was fully focused on running her business and didn’t have any time to take care of Wenya, so she was often shuttled off to her relatives’ and friends’ homes to be fostered. After so many years of a life of foster care, young Wenya felt lonely and helpless, and longed for the warmth of a home. Only when her father and stepmother divorced did she return to her father’s side, and from then on had a home, for better or for worse.
Once Wenya grew up, she was very cautious and obedient, and she studied hard. But just as she was working hard to prepare for her college entrance examinations, misfortune came upon her: Her mother had a brain hemorrhage and became paralyzed and bedridden. Her stepfather abandoned her mother and even took control over all of her assets, and then her father was hospitalized with liver cancer…. Wenya could not possibly take on the burden of the household, so all she could do was plead with relatives and friends, but she was turned down. …
Just as Wenya was suffering and without recourse, two sisters from the Church of Almighty God bore witness to Wenya, her mother and sister on the work of Almighty God in the last days. They came to understand the root of pain in people’s lives from the words of Almighty God, and understood that only if people come in front of God can they gain God’s protection and live in happiness. Only through the comfort of God’s words were mother and daughters able to come out from their pain and helplessness. Wenya genuinely experienced the love and mercy of God; she finally felt the warmth of a home, and came into a true home. …

Spirit Award, Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival, United States, 2018
International Humanitarian Platinum Award, World Humanitarian Awards, Indonesia, 2018
Best Indie Feature Film, Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela, 2018
Nominee for Best Screenplay, International Christian Film Festival, United States, 2018
Nominee for Evangelism Award, Nominee for Best Foreign Feature, Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, United States, 2018

JESUS CINE FEST – International Christian Film Festival, Argentina, August 14, 2018

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  1. When encountering difficulties or adversities, how can we increase our faith in God? Please get in touch with us via Messenger or WhatsApp.

  2. AMEN 🙏 very touching 🥺❤ 🌹

  3. I love this muvi ❤️Such a great muvi …

  4. Amen 🙏 Thanks God for all things

  5. This movie starting is very sad but her mom is very upsed so cry her dother is weneya beautiful an carefully with mom

  6. may I know The gospel u read actually written by whom ?

  7. indeed god has the cure for our sadness❣

  8. This is very amazing and struggle ful story and its very inspiring for me and English conversation is more than stronger after seen this story this story is very teachful for us✨

  9. I'm from Tamilnadu
    It's nice movie

  10. The movie is a very very nice

  11. Really I can t watch it. Perhaps I m too sentimental.

  12. Its such an inspiration movie,that can change your heart and to follow God's will and follow His command .Pain experience in our life allowed by GOD so that we realized our mistakes and to makes purify our heart that their is God watching us and care for us in times of suffering.GOD LOVES US🙏🙏🙏❤️

  13. Are you tried of chasing pretty rainbows?
    Are you tired of spinning round and round?
    Wrap up all the shattered dreams of your life
    And at the feet of Jesus lay them down…

  14. Beautiful, I cried too ='(
    I just didn't understand why it didn't say about Jesus at all since He is the Son of God!!!

  15. God's teaching does not teach one to condemn . Too bad this movie is actually politically motivated!

  16. I am feeling some different now like bad. Because how is she spending her every moment without home.

  17. 🙏♥️😊🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏♥️😊😊

  18. that story about for that in the bad situation any people leave You and dont want to help your bad only god can do it that work to help you in the hard situation always believe by own god in have expectation from own god because no one cant help you in the bad situation i am muslim and i have been believe for my ullah god i know for that in the hard situation god with us and anywhere any place ullalh can help assist with us

  19. I'm here for improving English speaking 😪😪but now this movie becomes my favt 😀😀😀

  20. If someone takes a second wife while he has a child, he is ignorant. If he gets divorced, why do you get married again despite having children? One cannot die without marriage.

  21. Wonderful I learnt much More from this movie this is outstanding…

  22. A wonderful movi
    I like it😍

  23. I love this movie very much

  24. Such a great movie….just wowwww

  25. A wonderful movie with wonderful message
    I am Hindu ,I follow bhagvad Geeta words
    All the religion all god are same and there saying guide us to the right path ,to escape from Satan and be a good human

  26. I love the movie. The title definitely attracted to me. Where is my home?
    Also the part of sad story made me cry. I love the girl who has poor childhood. I have to say the song is fully touched me, moved my heard. I like every words and sentences.
    Where is my home?
    Where could it be?
    In such a great world, there is still no home for me.
    Who can give me a cozy home, which is in my dream.
    Finally ,she found out where is her home. God blessed her, she will be happy with her life in the future.

  27. full of joy.. thank god for everything that i have.

  28. Don't believe church Almighty God they are false prophets …… Who falsely speak for God …..

  29. This movie is too good…..
    I mst say u watch this movie
    This movie is related to your real life nd I really like this movie so much🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  30. This movie makes me want to change my life but I can't. Addiction has taken over my life. Iam a drug addict and I want to change this now. Please help me overcome my addiction by remembering me in your prayer !! Whoever is reading this Please remember me in your prayer, pray for me so that iam restored to sanity.

  31. So think twice taking divorce after a baby

  32. Please do start Urdu language in you tube thanks

  33. This movie is full of love and compassion

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