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It’s like I’ve waited my whole life (Oh) for this one night (Oh)
It’s gon’ be me, you and the dance floor
‘Cause we only got one night (Oh, oh)
Double your pleasure, double your fun
And dance fore-e-ever, fore-e-ever
Fore-e-ever, forever
Fore-e-ever, fore-e-ever, fore-e-ever
Forever on the dance floor

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  1. 1:00 forever verse #1
    2:06 forever verse #2
    3:43 forever verse #3

  2. shit make me think of my first girlfriend lmao good times

  3. This song reminds me of the Real Chris Brown who beat between the years 2005, 2009, 2013, in those times I loved Brown a lot.

  4. 2022 and still one of my favorites.

  5. More like

    Canceled for forever
    Forever forever forever
    For putting your paws on Rihanna

  6. Great voice very nice song I love it

  7. Play this at your wedding and you're guaranteed a happy and healthy relationship like Chris Brown's.

  8. Lizzy D 💞😭💯
    6/10/75 💔 23/8/22

  9. bruh look at those visuals, pop music at early 2000s was goated

  10. Old songs reminds me that we're Mortal🤍🥺 ❤️

  11. 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤😍😍👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻👋🏻🤯🀄⛩🏮🇨🇴.

  12. More than 12 years and this song hit different❤

  13. More than 12 years and this song still fire 🔥💥🕺🏾💃🏻🎊🎉🎧🔊💯

  14. Reminds me back in 2008 while at Osan Air Base. Miss those juicy bars. Good good times.

  15. When life was practically fun! before advanced life 2022

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