CHERNOBYL 1986 Trailer (2021)

Official Chernobyl 1986 Movie Teaser Trailer 2021 | Subscribe ➤ | Oksana Akinshina Movie Trailer | Release: 24 Sep 2021 | More
After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, ex-firefighter, Alexey puts his life at risk in order to save his country and estranged son. Along with two other comrades, Alexey must manually drain the reservoir under the burning reactor. If they don’t succeed, the melting reactor could create a steam-explosion that would eject even more life-threatening radioactive material that could contaminate Kiev, Moscow and Europe.

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Chernobyl 1986 (2021) is the new drama starring Ravshana Kurkova, Oksana Akinshina and Arthur Beschastny.

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  1. Where can i find the soundtrack of this movie?

  2. This movie is SUPERB and the actors are phenomenal!! Acting skills of ALL OF THEM is something to talk about. Spectacular movie! Everybody talks about Hollywood movies, but this movie is simply beautifully made! The couple Olga and Alex brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to all!!

  3. HBO series was so much better. This looked like some sort of jacked up action movie.

    Russian government saw HBO do an honest and unbiased series of the Chernobyl disaster, and decided to make some propaganda version that fails at even encapsulating what HBO did right.

  4. not even watched it but i am pretty sure that that is a desperate netflix attempt to take some money off the success which was the hbo miniesries

  5. I bet this movie will be full of action sequence. This movie is just piggy backing on the HBO series, thinking it will be able to make money of it.

  6. They are just trying to keep milking the Chernobyl huh

  7. In this trailer alone I see the "diver" being literally underwater and realize the facts are going to be a bit shit. Might be enjoyable, but not accurate.

  8. I watched this and thought it was good. It doesn't touch upon the political situation of the Soviet Union at the time or any of that. It's more of a story of two main characters and some other characters and what they go through. So this is more of a personal story. It is well done for what it is and it was enjoyable.

  9. Watched the movie. You guys are all idiots. The movie is dedicated to the people who were first responders and their heroism and there is quite a bit of bashing of the soviet regime and nothing "whitewashing". It's pretty clear who is brainwashed here and why there is so much prejudice (without even watching the movie?).

  10. Questa volta il disastro di Chernobyl viene raccontato da un film russo. Il protagonista è un pompiere pronto a lasciare il suo lavoro per amore di una donna, quando l'incidente nucleare lo riporta al centro del pericolo.

  11. Are you serious, why wasting money when HBO has already nailed it lads?

  12. They just wanted to make a russian response to the HBO series, it is so obvious.

  13. Well just positive thinking.. maybe this Movie have different POV, and HBO have different POV too.

  14. Chernobyl 1986: this will be the better than the series!

    Chernobyl: Take him to the infirmary he’s delusional

  15. “HBO miniseries this, HBO miniseries that..” you realize there are many different stories and angles to be told and explained relating to that horrible day. Just because HBO did one mini series, showing just one POV, doesn’t mean any other documentary or film telling a different story about that day can’t also be a great watch and very educating and interesting. Don’t judge a movie just from the trailer and just because HBO already did something similar. That’s just nonsense 🤦‍♀️ so many small minded ppl, oof

  16. I just watched this movie in Netflix and believe me it is really good in its own way especially the acting,story,music. Now all of you have to understand,HBO Chernobyl is a mini series and this Chernobyl is a movie so they tried their best to show everything in 2hr 16m duration. I'm trying to say that this movie is good in its own way so you guys can give it a shot 😉

  17. To all the morons out there,
    HBO's Chernobyl is a MINISERIES,

    Chernobyl 1986 is a MOVIE,

    Where do you think Miniseries come from??
    How many MINISERIES do you think are out there that had THE MOVIE done 1st??

    I'm guessing BLOODY NEAR ALL OF THEM.

    I apologize if I sound offensive, but simple minded people piss me off and make me ashamed to be called a HUMAN.

  18. This movie was okay, HBO's mini series did it so much better.

  19. You people have to stop comparing Media. A Series is a hole other thing than a movie.
    Maybe the movie will show you things from a different perspective or give it a different direction. The thing isn't even out yet and most you already give it a bad start.
    btw. i love the HBO miniseries the same as you all.

  20. I watched it and it's boring
    But I like Alexey

  21. Is this the one where they blame the CIA for the meltdown?

  22. It’s heartbreaking. A Masterpiece. and more close to the what happend then, then hbo mini series.

  23. Peki suyun altında adamın ipi bıçağın tersiyle kesmesi?

  24. I won't watch it with the mindset of seeing something better or worse. I'm watching this for the sake of watching more cernobyl stories so bring it on.

  25. Why is this a thing? The HBO series was already a masterpiece, there's no need for another one

  26. The General Consensus here is that HBO is superior in their mastered storytelling of Chernobyl and the events that took place that day and following months.

  27. HBO 3 – Russian movie 0

    No contest at all

  28. The lead actress in this movie is impossible to like, she acts like a 'you know what'

  29. Hopefully this can correct the many stupidities and inaccuracies of the HBO series.

  30. Hold on… they are swimming into nuclear power plant? What?

  31. What's going on? I can't afford HBO Go and Netflix at the same time. I'm settling for this

  32. I think what a lot of people are missing here, is that this movie is told by another creator that didn't care for certain aspects in the HBO version. This is directed towards different audience. Take it with a grain of salt, not everything is comparable.

  33. Spoiler: The movie is crap. Watch the HBO show instead.

  34. Netflix shows it was released on the 21st but it can't be found. 🤣 Netflix is a bunch of 🤡's

  35. For me, having different versions of Chernobyl would give us a wide view about the accident. The HBO Miniseries did the best yet, for some reasons this movie would open up a new door for real stories to tell about the liquidators and the Pripyaters.

    If you have seen documentaries and read books about Chernobyl you would really want to know more about the accident and would go deeper unto it. This movie would be another testimony of what happened at April 26, 1986. Let's give it a shot!

  36. This movie isnt fair for my family who helped to clean up this shit.

    Red Forest before the firefighters arrive 🙈
    What a joke.

    Learn your history

  37. This was pure fiction and absolutely horrible sh*t.

  38. Almost stoped watching it at beginning but i didn’t…great movie and more important true story

  39. Is this the same concept with Pandora the korean movie?

  40. Looks like another attempt to rewrite the History. Not the 1st time for the current goverment. Cheap, very cheap. Is it the best Russia can offer?

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