Burst Theory (Full Movie) Drama, Mystery, Thriller, 2015

Burst Theory Full Movie. Researchers in a remote island facility test an advanced treatment for a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out half of humanity. When one of the scientists is killed, the lead researcher realizes a conspiracy threatens all of them.

Directed by Zac Page
Starring Joseph Scott Anthony, Lisa Mueller, Ralph Lister

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  1. Brought to you by the Gates Soros production corporation.

  2. The Flu shot given to soldiers injected with a strain of meningitis, in 1918. They have done this every reset.

  3. good quality upload – boring story

  4. I hope I never have to kill someone

  5. Too bad it's made so stupidly. Very amateurish. Too damn slow, pretentious "edgy" jumbled timeline with too many flashbacks. So how the heck did he get the music box opened??? What did that have to do with the way he was set up?? One brief mention that they were really working on a bioweapon. Too vague. Could've been much better. Yes, the cytokine storm is real, a real consequence of the jaBB, but this movie never really came out and said it was a globalist plot. One mention of mRNA. The ferrets are shown, like in the real mRNA clinical trial when all the ferrets died of a cytokine storm, but everything is stated so cryptically and just vaguely hinted at.
    Some researchers DO believe that the Spanish flu of 1918 WAS a bioweapon and started in some US military base. I'd like to know what made the screenwriter research this rabbit hole that we are now living through. When did he/she start doing the research and writing the screenplay?? What did this person write since??

  6. yup Covid gov't docs with 2018 dating stated 'covid prep' This world is corupt

  7. It just made me wonder: do they want to make us believe that the Chinese and the Americans are equally dumb? Whomever "they" might be – press, media, government?

  8. We don’t have to worry about global warming or climate change or what ever you want to call it we are going to kill our selves because humans are evil.

  9. A slow-moving and dark movie.

  10. Oh, going by the description it's a true story documentary then huh

  11. COVID 19 was a pre designed weapon it’s not a virus it’s a weapon. Your government is killing you

  12. But they are showing Ebola symptoms. Different virus family altogether.

  13. Q formula?
    Cytokine STORM?

  14. When's Part Two coming out … ? 😐

  15. This movie jumped scenes and bounced around alot but it was still a good watch

  16. What a better way to make money off of a movie along with the China Virus testing and the vaccines, not to mention the distruction of small businesses and communities in Democratic cities.

  17. a 100 million isn't enough!
    this is likewise that a three lost during a bad weather rain a thousand lice from a tenthousand pop……..

  18. les phénomènes comme la zoonose et leurs conséquences sont connues depuis longtemps . Suffisamment longtemps pour que des scénaristes hollywoodiens même médiocres s'en emparent.

  19. The acting is not bad the story line is difficult to follow but interesting.

  20. Boll** to this pandemic 💩💩💩, put this where the sun don't shine !

  21. I liked this video because
    This is one of the channels that gives us entertainment for free
    But if u think to watch this movie
    I would say no

  22. 20 mins in and I'm bored to death. Bye

  23. Nahhh i need to watch an episode of Golden Girls or something light hearted ..

  24. what a slow movie…didn't make it past 30 minutes in, its a snooze fest!

  25. Excellent .. and just what is the true desired result today ??? Control !!!

  26. Really restrained piece of drama

  27. A really, really bad film.

  28. …am soooo sleepy watching this movie…too dragging to start

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