BUDDY GAMES Official Trailer (2020) Olivia Munn, Josh Duhamel Comedy Movie HD

BUDDY GAMES Official Trailer (2020) Olivia Munn, Josh Duhamel Comedy Movie HD
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  1. Damn Shawn does some crazy stuff when he’s not being a psychic

  2. This show is really the definition of “why women live longer than men”. XD

  3. Why the f*** have I not seen this before?!?!

  4. Trailer should have showcased more Kevin Dillon

  5. Awesome 😎 proud of Josh he is my cousin. And he directed his own film 🙂

  6. Unpopular opinion creating your own sport is better than playing an existing one

  7. The only good thing in this is Olivia Munn

  8. This movie was hilarious. Buncha clowns in the comment section.

  9. android version of grownups

  10. Where he accidentally happens to bite down right where the lizard's tongue flicks out CRACKS ME UP SO HARD EVERY TIME I SEE IT! ! ! ! ! 😂🤣

  11. This needs a sequel asap love it

  12. 2:27 Didn't know Giroud was an actor.

  13. This looks good I'm watching it tnt

  14. The movie is as bad as the trailer

  15. Josh more famous then dax why dax name not in the title

  16. Really fun movie and I enjoyed it. I laughed so good. Well executed Humour with a nice story.

  17. 🤔🤨😐😲🙈🙉🙊 every emotion hit me during this trailer


  19. This is hands down the shittest film I've ever had to sit through.

  20. Literally excited to see James Roday lmfao

  21. Always eat your cake, when it's handed to you

  22. Glad to see Drama getting some work.

  23. Are movies just getting worse and worse

  24. Light hearted.. Especially when you're too high to understand the movie

  25. Johnny Drama, Shawn Spencer and Dean Winchester in a movie together? Must be great😅

  26. Josh Duhamel all day any day bby

  27. After the year we've. had,I'm gonna enjoy watching this. It looks ridiculous ,gross and outlandish, my All-Star list

  28. Anyone interested in Jensen's cameo here is a video. https://jensendaily.org/eng/2020/11/28/video-of-jensens-cameo-in-buddy-games-movie/
    I don't know if there is more or if that was it, I am definitely not going to watch this movie. It looks like trash. 😀

  29. I just watched this movie and i wanna say i just saw fuckin DEAN WINCHESTER…. Sry i am fan

  30. Great actors and actresses deserve better than this. When will Hollywood realize we do not want these movies. You can write a comedy without making you audience want to puke. Nothing about that is funny and we are tired of the "shock" factor.

  31. In this instance, I vote against toxic masculinity!

  32. H'wood getting dumb and dumber.

  33. OMG!!! This looks hilarious!!!!! I can't wait to see it!!

  34. Good movie too bad it was only 2:48 minutes long

  35. Well since grown ups 3 isnt coming, i guess this will do

  36. This movie was not bad at all..i laughed so good and it was awesome..Stop Scrooling and give it a shot.

  37. f Robert Downey Jr. and Adam Sandler.

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