Buddy Games (2020) – Proposal Fake-Out Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

Buddy Games – Proposal Fake-Out: Bob (Josh Duamel) turns down Tiffany (Olivia Munn).
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After a falling out, six lifelong friends reunite to play the buddy games — an insane competition filled with absurd physical and mental challenges. Now, all bets are off, as the determined pals fight, claw and party for the chance to win $150,000.

TM & © Paramount Pictures (2019)
Cast: Dan Bakkedahl, Dax Shepard, James Roday, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dillon, Nick Swardson, Olivia Munn
Screenwriter: Bob Schwartz, Josh Duhamel, Jude Weng
Director: Josh Duhamel

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  1. This hands down is the dumbest part of this movie and this movie makes American Pie look like the Godfather.

    But in all seriousness what psychopath would turn down Olivia Munn and not expect to be hit with a combo breaker.

  2. Did anyone notice her shirt straps in the back are different sizes in multiple shots in this scene?!

  3. Does anybody know the song that comes on after this? The one that goes “your love flows like a river”

  4. هو علی کل شی قدیر می‌شود

  5. ش ش لشگر سیدالشهدا ع

  6. …later Tiff. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Physical assault on guy = comedy? huh…

  8. His hand: literally pierced
    Her: anyway I started marrying

  9. friend could you activate the
    comments of this video please friend esque I need to review something please friend I beg you

  10. Soy el unico latino aqui

  11. When are you putting ninja turtles 1990 or 1991 movies on fandango movie clips

  12. imagine this exact scene with a guy hitting a girl… somehow the comedic effect would be lost.

  13. 43 comments. God damn for a channel with 50 millions subs

  14. hey body can you clips of the the movie over the moon

  15. is this just blatant sexism , that girl isnt stronger then those guys and yet this is suppose to be funny ?

  16. Downhill Racer clips? When are they coming? These movies suck. Post some real films.

  17. can someone help me find a movie? in the film, a woman has a hand mark that was made by a grenade, that mark gives her the power to invoke medieval armor, so she discovers that several women for generations have this power

  18. Actually I thought he got off pretty easy

  19. Can you name an application to watch the Harry Potter movie in full

  20. Man I wish I had this many subscribers lol

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