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Breakthrough (Preboj) – Young partisan resistance fighter commander Franc Sever Franta faces an impossible task when he has to rescue 500 freedom fighters surrounded and outnumbered by a Nazi German division high in the mountains in harsh winter condition.

Stars: Domen Valic, Jernej Gasperin, Ana Spik

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  1. It's a nice and tragic story of d partisan that risk their lives just 2 defeat Hitler in order 2 dominate EUROPE.

  2. The partisans has made a lot and big rules 2 win over against Hitler's regime.

  3. the story maybe is good but the acting and the play right scenario is really zero the directors first movie ????

  4. Yall this movie is really good but please go watch the original version with subs it’s soooooo much better than this😉

  5. This is so badly dubbed I think I am watching MST3K!

  6. Good film . 8 out of 10 .

  7. Persian soldiers endured such hardships for 8 years of sacred defence in front of Iraqi army


  9. good movie. i give it a 9.5 out of 10.

  10. It seems you people have no money to make a good film neither a good story

  11. Vječna slava našim slovenskim partizanima, SF/SN ❤🇸🇮🇧🇦🇭🇷🇷🇸🇲🇪🇲🇰❤

  12. Watched a movie in slovenian (original voices) and it was much better. Still an amazing movie.

    Smrt fašizmu svoboda narodu!

  13. Is there Slovenian version on internet anywhere ? Ljudi ako ima Slovenska verzija, ostavite link molim vas, Hvala

  14. There are very few forces in the world that are more powerful than the will to survive.

  15. To je najslabši film kar sem jih kdaj gledal! Škoda! Škoda, ker se na ta način ponižuje partizanski osvobodilni boj. Slab scenarij in še slabša režija. Moral sem to napisat , ker ne razumem tistih, ki hvalijo film.

  16. Bakwas movie useless, waste of time…. 😏

  17. Never seen an active combat unit in such neatly ironed and washed kit.

  18. I remember my golden days at army. I like the movie very much.👍❤

  19. Brilliant effort as clearly this battle was important to be remembered, the SS in this theater of War were particularly ruthless, and only remnants of the very worst were involved in these last days.

  20. What the ….
    Why nazi army speak english,i think they should wearing the us military uniform…so i will not confuse when see us army fight with us army 😂😂😂😂

  21. I love world war 2 movies

  22. 57:00 nicely dubbed…died laughing 🤣🤣

  23. Tovariš Franta…. 🇻🇳 HvalaHvalaHvala!
    Tovariški pozdrav..

  24. Nisem vedo, da so se partizani in Nemški vojaki pogovarjal v angleškem jeziku.

  25. nice film, but the voice overs was very over the top hollywood

  26. What a patriotic movie.

  27. Si hubiera alguien, que por caridad de Dios, subieran está película en español o al menos subtitulada en español, por favor, me encantan estas películas, gracias por su atención.

  28. This style of sync is awful! He would rather have left the original language. Everyone can read it!

  29. Regarding (General) Rösener, he worked closely with Leon Rupnik in fighting the Partisans. Moreover, during WWII Rösener was responsible for mass executions of civilians in Slovenia.

    Being the coward he was, Rösener escaped to Austria after the war but was arrested by the British and returned to Yugoslavia. Rösener was put on trial for war crimes, sentenced to death and executed by hanging on 4 September 1946. For completeness of the Nuremberg Trials, and for the historical record, Rösener was posthumously indicted for his war crimes.

  30. You should place in the Info box that this is based on a true story. That's important to know when YouTubers and military historians are considering watching this movie. I'd also tell viewers to stay tuned at the end for commentary by the actual young fighters (I enjoyed the fighters' comments/testimonials immensely and it motivated me to watch the movie a second time.)

  31. As a combat Vet I watch these movies in a different eye than civilians or military noncombatants. Really enjoyed the movie and the multitude of messages and "moral of the stories/scenes it conveyed. Liked and subscribed.

    I would have preferred the movie in its native language with English subtitles, instead of the poorly done dubs (monotone voices void of emotion, pain, or drama; some voices didn't match the character; and perhaps the biggest sin, unless my imagination was running wild, one voice actor seemed to voice over different actors in the movie. Oh well, can't have everything).

  32. Comradeship – the western education system teaches the opposite – self-realisation and the pursuit of personal ambition. This is why we are socially fragmenting.

  33. No. Germans should speak German, slovenes should speak Slovene or Serbocroatian. Very annoying and not verosimile

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