Breaking Benjamin – So Cold

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

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Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing So Cold. © 2020 Hollywood Records, Inc.


  1. BB.. How I can always depend on you…candy for my ear drumbs

  2. I'm from Indonesia….even though I only understand a little English…but I like the songs from Breaking Benjamin…and even this year I'm still listening to songs from breaking benjamin…even though I don't memorize all the songs but there are some songs that I like….👍

  3. This song brings me a lot of sadness

  4. Used to blast this song on the come down

  5. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼💜💜💜#mood

  6. Can you reach me… LoL Cami Lynn LoL

  7. I just wanna point out that at 1:56 Aaron Bruch doesn't seem to nail the landing and probably got wet xD

  8. Twilight was a product inspired by so cold, breaking benjamin. 😂 Ben is a masterpiece within everything.💎☯️

  9. Getting tired of looking up videos of bands and seeing that their historical reference isn't noted accurately; this video did not come out in 2020.

  10. saw them play this live a few months ago they freaking killed it!

  11. This band made growing up 1000% more awesome! 🙏

  12. I had forgotten about this song until now. It's August of 2022 and I came across this little gem here. Brings me back to high school and some memories

  13. Hollow heroes separate = dark souls

  14. My dad brainwashed me before i was even born and now i just like the bands he listens to lol

  15. Just finished watching another episode of Ghost Hunters and my friends showed up with pizza and their Xbox controllers.

    Halo, pizza, and breaking Benjamin.

    Perfection incarnate.

  16. Not a fan of how they shortened the riffs, that intro is a defining part of the song

  17. 1080p of this!!! Thank you! 🤟

  18. This jam sounds like Elec Man's theme

  19. Go back outs again see if she doesn't hunt ya …. I warn no more it's on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥folley💥🏹⚓


  21. This was another favorite band of my precious cousin #HarveyAshCabassaRamírez

  22. Indian guy just in his junior year of college got my citizenship life is good 👍

  23. It's been more than 15 years and their sound was so ahead of it's time.

  24. they made a fresh music video for this classic, I wish more bands gave new life to their hits

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