Boys Are Back In Town Thin Lizzy

Boys are back in town by Thin Lizzy on the album Jailbreak. Enjoy!


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  1. I wonder where James Cooper is now.

  2. How come there's 10001 Christmas songs but only 1 song about the boys being back in town????

  3. This song sounds wrong now that I've heard Jerry Terry's rendition


  5. This song changed my life :
    I asked this really pretty girl out on a date – she agreed – the date went so so – I wasn't sure if I was punching above my weight or not , anyway, I felt she wasn't really into me – so I didn't ask her out again.
    I Just remembered Phil Lynott's line : ' If that chick don't wanna know – forget her ! ' – so I did …..
    What I didn't realise was – she was into me – especially because I gave her ( what she thought was 'the cold shoulder' – she was intrigued)
    To cut a long story short 22years later we're together and have three beautiful daughters.

    So , thanks Phil Lynott.
    I took your advice.👍

  6. they use to play this at hockey games where i live like if it gives you that hockey motive

  7. Great song and a great story!

  8. Say hi to FonkiCheff, great DJ on YouTube. He can bake a wonderful musical cake.

  9. me and the boys rolling up after we get unbanned from twitter

  10. jedna za sve koji još žive u pedesetima

  11. If that chick don't wanna know forget her….. sublime 👍

  12. When 1939-45 German guys are comming back.

  13. Twitter is now about to crush liberal scum

  14. Little old lady got mutilated last night… Michael Billy mom👈 Farmington NM. NWM… 👁️📡🤳✨🕋

  15. Anyone else here because of the woody woodpecker laugh ?

  16. See Catherine Harrison started out doing deep fakes with porn… Then her icis friends came up with the plan to hack the internet.. 👈✨🕋👁️📡

  17. I love having brown eyes 🟤🟤

  18. POV WWIII happens and Germany invades Europe for the third time:

  19. Got it on good information: if you were a squadie out in ulster back when and this came on the duke box or out in the fields: run back for bed time while still got chance : run now

  20. Petição pra tocar esse som na próxima temporada de Os Guri

  21. Star spangled banger- Panic at the disco. This song and that one are similar and I enjoy boy so maybe you will as well

  22. Japan, Germany, and Italy having their leaders go to a conference:
    the boys are back in town

  23. I hope the uploader's doing fine 👍

  24. Un ícono éste gran tema de Thin Lizzy. Un clásico del rock de los 70's, década del mejor rock, de todos los tiempos.

  25. the riff brings you up and then it hits you a second time jeeps you up.


  27. This song sounds like from the boys

  28. Man Oh Man I absolutely "LOVE THIS SONG"…This is "BALLS TO THE WALL" Rock and Roll and it will always stand the rest of time no matter what…Now all I have to do is to find out is where in the F**k the band "THIN LIZZY" got their name from…

  29. The best band ever. No one will be better than Phil Lynott. He is a genius xx

  30. Fun Fact: Dinos Bar N' Grill is based off a Takeaway in Terenure, Dublin called Dinos

  31. Man, I can't beleive they made a longer, less violent version of "The Boys Are Back In Town To Kill You"

  32. When the german embassy in Kiev was attacked by a russian strike

  33. When i heard japan and Germany were doing joint naval drills

  34. Отличная песня, таких бы каждому писать

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