“BLUNT” (Reggae dub trap Beat Instrumental) 2019 – Alann Ulises

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  1. Como faço pra comprar esse beat?

  2. AMZING BEAT, big up !

    If you want's same vibe tcheck this beats https://youtu.be/04NaCRn4RoY

  3. rit)
    #FumoAsh già lo sai
    Flow very very fast very fast all right all night all might oh god okay
    Lo senti dalla Bush fumo kush every day
    Una mano sulla coscia
    L'altra sulla shota mo la passo alla mia socia
    Bro sembra una torcia ma quanto l'hai fatta grossa
    Mi trovi su una Porsche fra che la fumo di corsa (damn)

    Sexy la sua Bush penso ush nova pusha
    Mezzo kilo di kush nel suo mmh nel suo push up
    La mia ex è fredda un po' come la Russia
    Però a letto è calda torna a casa con la gruccia
    Il flow è very good sarai tu che non capisci
    Vuoi fare il Robin Hood fai il grosso poi ti pisci
    Se mi vieni contro stai sicuro che fallisci
    Mi trustano i miei homi fai l'esoso dopo strisci
    Mon cheri
    Fumo ash mentre ascolto slim shady
    conto i cash tipo racks quelli neri
    Un paio di bex Camin Flex camin baby
    Lei mi chiama pascià
    Un attimo e si accascia
    Nova lascia che faccia
    Viene tre quattro volte dopo crusha
    Già lo sai che faccio casché al cashet
    Ash nelle tasche
    Mi fa correre fast è tipo basket
    Tipo vasche
    Gli occhi rosso sangue Sasuke (saske!)
    Pare quasi un cliché
    La tua tipa dice sexy così mi definisce
    Le mie fish sono Ash gomme lisce
    consumate avanti e indietro sulle bisce
    Penso Touchè
    Le più troie sono quelle con la faccia da peluche e
    Come imbosco ash ho le babouche
    Mi inventerò qualcosa ho mio fratello come Pusher

  4. damn..im just sitting here smoking on my blunt and looking to the sky…damn I am on CLOUD 9..LORD to you I owe my life…will I have everything I need??? ohhhhh LORD PLZ…cause I don't know how much more I can take of this…damn JOSE LOPEZ…I cant sin looking at you, but boy standing next to you…oh LORD its like I know what you want to do…since I cant talk to you in person…Ill just let you know this way…ok…boy…oh my my…today was the best day of my life…I am in shock and yea I have major stage fright…its just cause I am at the center of attention…I never thought I would get there but hahaha…look at me know…I just want to do it the best way I can ok…but help me and be my voice…I will get it eventually…I had to write you as soon as I could…I am so happy…like wow…just me and you…that's just what I want…I think we could run anything…I will break through just for you…I worked my ass off and I tried my best…even though I couldn't speak up how I wish…you just leave me speechless…I just want you so bad…sorry dude…I have so much energy I don't know what to do…and dude your vibe is just as high as mine…you get close and it multiplies…you pass by and I have to shake my hand…OH GOD…you make my body tingle from head to toe…like dude…i feeling like i am twinkling…hahaha…you make me go mindless dude…you make me forget what I was doing for a sec…OMG…just this feeling is sooooooo damn strong…ay papa…like I want you now…but dude…I realized…I don't know how to play…I just sit at watch unless you invite me in…cause dude…yea I want in…I watch all you like…no is scared to touch…I have to look away cause it hurts to much…I want that so bad…but I just don't know how…you will have to break me from my shell…and let me know what is ok…like I am yours for the training dude…brand new…just tell me what you want me to do…cause you have me like a fish on hook…just you have to figure out how to real me in…I just cant make the first move…like I think I need to be inside an incubator cause you stare is just…like…whhhhoooaaaa…I just can't get enough…I just want to look you in the eyes…but I think I can't until the right moment…you have to catch my stare…and I have to stop and focus…I am forced to look away…cause I asked the LORD not to lust…I dont want to sin against you…so papi PLZ…I am suffering for you…you have what I need…mmmmhhmmmmm…yeah baby…your presence I just cant get enough…just wait until I am completely comfortable…cause yeah I can get used to this…#5214 thank you for giving me a chance…just the feeling is overwhelming…but I CAN DO THIS!!!

  5. Is this riddim free. I will make a fat song with mi bredda. Can we use it? Wait for you answer. Yah bless.

  6. Eu gostei dessa base. Eu posso usar na minha música com seus direitos garantindo

  7. Торопых торопых

  8. how much for da full rights

  9. One time great reggae tune talking about the uxless leaders in Africa 💥 #One_Africa #ONE_LOVE #agyinamoa_kwaku #politricks_cat

  10. This instrumental is so smooth and relaxing. Much appreciative of the mix. Added to my bass and instrumental playlist.

  11. ❤️🎧🎛️☮️🌍🌞🏵️🧚🏼‍♂️

  12. Ha, these a-holes have literally no idea….i believe i'd f-u for a shitty ride ….bless a-hole

  13. just grab em' by the marbles….

  14. haha….ur lucky if you realize….grab that sorry sob…..

  15. i got ur blunt view….u are not artistic at all….nor do any justice+ don't do your thing….its blown up

  16. God damn this shit is dope 😭

  17. Listen to Marie Coke “Babylon” on the riddim 🔥

  18. Salve Bob Marley
    Pro mundo rastafari

    Jogou a verde pro ar
    Pode acreditar
    É 4:20 porra

    Meu sonho é conhecer
    A Jamaica
    E vê a bitch e pega rastaaaa
    Chegar na crebrada do Bob
    Me a pegar
    E jogar a verde pro araaaaa
    Pode crer
    Eu vou chega laaaaaa

  19. Bro this hits the vibe button in my mind bro keep up the good work this slaps ngl

  20. Shit I'm so high … Aye yo sometimes when I close my eyes I can't see… Should I get it checked out ?

  21. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Tengo una musica comercia vln ese beat si quieren escucharla me comwntan

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