bloody valentine/my ex’s best friend (Live from the American Music Awards / 2020)

Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine and my ex’s best friend at the 2020 American Music Awards.

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  1. Just obsessed with this song

  2. what is it with poor Travis Barker always working live with guitarists who can just barely play???

    I love it, though. I actually do. the vocals are auto-tuned but the guitar riff isn't? I kinda love that. it's rock and roll, man. it's not gonna be perfect, and in some cases the more perfect it is the less rock and ROLL it is.

    if he's going for a punk thing, he's doing it well, though I'd cancel the auto-tuning as much as possible.

    Travis, man. you've got it. I was so stoked to see his name on there as co-writer / producer for My Bloody Valentine. that made my heart sing. great song.

  3. I'd love to study the mind of those who listen to this and think it's anything other than shit 🙂Visuals way before actual music. Don't get mad at the truth.

  4. I’m sorry but wtf was that solo

  5. Why is everyone praising this? The solo sucked ass

  6. That’s the easiest guitar solo possible and he still messed it up. It sounds like absolute dog shit.

  7. That guitar solo cuts off a year of my life every time I hear it, If MGK didn't have Travis then it would sound like some seventh grader trying to be punk practicing in his bedroom in 2004.

  8. To all mgk fans

    Is this solo really good sounding for you?

  9. travis so underrated bro his name gotta be in the title

  10. mainstream sellout >=Greatest Of All Time

  11. literally the only good thing about this is travis barker. the guitar playing is sad, and mgk has no vocal range

  12. All those mean comments fuck those people!!!

  13. No sé q carajos dice pero la sigo escuchando una y otra vezz

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