Blonde Savage (1947) Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Full Length Movie

An expedition into the deep jungle discovers a native tribe led by a tall blonde woman.

Director: Steve Sekely
Writer: Gordon Bache
Stars: Leif Erickson, Gale Sherwood, Veda Ann Borg
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy



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  1. Blonde Savage, released 3 October 1947 (New York City, New York USA), 22 November 1947 22 November 1947 (USA). Leif Erickson as Steve Blake; Gale Sherwood as Meelah; Veda Ann Borg as Connie Harper; Douglass Dumbrille as Mark Harper; Frank Jenks as Hoppy Owens; Matt Willis as Berger; Ernest Whitman as Tonga; Cay Forester as Mary Comstock; John Dehner as Joe Comstock; Art Foster (as Arthur Foster) as Stone; Alex Frazer (as Alex Fraser) as George Bennett; Eve Whitney as Clarissa; James Logan, Inspector; Harry Strang, Henchman with Rifle.

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  3. The blond WAS a honey, after all.

  4. thank was fun especially the snappy dialog

  5. "not many white men had penetrated that far" lol

  6. It's so dreadful, it's worth watching for at least it never really slows down. Can't understand how such awful films were made, but it was back in the 1940s. regards.

  7. Before he owned the High Chaperial ranch Leif Erikson played rogues and bad men B movies like this.He has a very long and successful career.

  8. Great movie. I was watching it while drinking some Jungle Juice.

  9. Oh man, this whole movie… all I could think was "how embarrassing".

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  12. Mst3k jokes

    Tom Servo: Wow, you hardly ever get to see Jawas in the nude.

    Tom Servo: [as Mac blows a bubble gum bubble] Wanna see my spleen? It's pretty cool.
    [Eric pops the bubble]
    Tom Servo: Ahh! I need that to live!

    [a garbage can begins to shake]
    Crow T. Robot: Remember: When you throw away your Tickle-Me Elmo, you've got to remove the batteries.

    [Mac makes Eric's hands into an V-shape]
    Crow T. Robot: That's neither the church nor the steeple.

    Crow T. Robot: I think we landed too far from the movie.

    Jonah Heston: This reminds me of the summer my dad hit a deer.

    Tom Servo: [imitating Mr. Bill] Oh, no!

    [Mac's pale, skinny hand reaches for a Coca-Cola]
    Crow T. Robot: My precious.

    Crow T. Robot: Yeah, keep trying, music. This isn't that interesting.

    Crow T. Robot: That is some next-level beekeeping.

    Jonah Heston: It's a smart move. Distract the dogs with some Peter Cetera music.

    Tom Servo: Alright, this 80's movie has fulfilled its sweatbands-and-a-montage quota. Very nice job

  13. I knew a blonde savage once.

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