BLACK WIDOW Final Trailer (2021)

Final trailer for Black Widow


  1. Can’t wait to see this!🔥

  2. The only Marvel movie that could be done in John Woo style of action like bullet ballet, gun fu, Mexico standoff and maybe pigeons.

  3. Have seen like 8 trailers of this. Just release it already

  4. Come on, at least give her her own theme instead of using the Avengers theme with a Russian choir over it.

  5. comparado a la capitana marvel esta película si que promete ser buena

  6. Why did Black Widow have to die 😢

  7. The background music reminds me of Pubgm xD

  8. What’s the point of this movie?

  9. Absolutely awesome! Bring it on!

  10. Olmadı mı filmlerle mi avunuyorsun.

  11. Who else teared up at Red Guardian's part when they showed his younger self talking about Natasha and Yelena?

  12. How shit I wasn't expected before but now I'm beyond excited 😐

  13. Excellent trailer … looks awesome movie.

  14. The only reason to watch this movie is task master

  15. 레이첼 바이즈 이즈 에브리띵.

  16. I miss the old black suite

  17. I’m sorry but was that Taskmaster copying Spider-man’s swinging??

  18. Soooo she started out as a blue haired lil boy… Cool 😂

  19. Looks great, can't wait!

  20. Hell yeah…. Can't wait!!!

  21. The movie title display at ending gave me goosebumps..m

  22. So on top of subscription I need to pay extra for the damn movie.

  23. Lol black widow movie? No thanks

  24. I want to watch this legendary movie with my beautiful Blonde Wife💛👍👍👍

  25. Honestly? Love Natasha- but this looks shit.

  26. that resident evil's alice's daughter as young natasha

  27. If not this trailer I already forgot that the movie of Black Widow is still coming.

  28. black widows sister looks awesome 😍

  29. Only been waiting for this since Ironman 2.🕷

  30. the new 007 action a like film.

  31. Natasha Romanoff is not the only Black Widow out there. Some took retirement. Some still kicking ass.

  32. That is a solar panel at 1:42. So they are gonna have the epic boss fight on a pieces of a falling satelite?

  33. While the trailer looks nice, I guess, if the MCU actually cared about her we would have gotten a movie years ago.

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