BLACK PANTHER: War for Wakanda Trailer (2021)

BLACK PANTHER: War for Wakanda Trailer (2021)
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  2. Cmon give us the real MOVIE trailer

  3. Not getting my hopes up about this after that last avengers game. Seriously, how do they make playing as Ironman or Thor boring?! I’m only interested in this game if they aren’t using the same build as that.

  4. Meh, I'm waiting for Marvel to drop Crack Panther… it's gonna be a movie filled with tons of nut cracking, vibranium shielded buttcracks, and purple crystalline crack!

  5. What the hell dude!! Not fair!!!!!!!

  6. About time, but wish it could've been separate from The Avengers game as it's own.

  7. Tom Hardy for the next black panther.

  8. MARVEL AND DC CHILL WITH THE GAMES GODDAMN (rip chadwick boseman)

  9. I thought It was game..🤣

  10. 5min silent for me thinking this was a movie 😑😑😂😂💔

  11. I think we got another award winner based off the thumb nail.

  12. Azzers should’ve been the voice actor for black panther

  13. this is not the real trailer it is a game trailer

  14. They wanted to know how people react tos this before making its own game

  15. Really, They had to do this, this is rubbish.

  16. Chadwick's last role he was cursing God, it s a no for me, repent of your idolatry. Look up the Black Panther Deception. I am so glad I know better, Wakanda is not real, that's why they put it out when the real Black Panthers came out who actually helped black people, not take their money for a fake movie and get them involved in ancestral witchcraft and necromancy and curse themselves. Marvel is satanic. Dont go to hell with these actors. Find Jesus now and repent, you have only one soul. you have been warned.

  17. Wow think some people thought this was a movie in the end to see ….. A .. and xone ps4 ps5 🤣😂

  18. For the love of god why can't they leave marvel games to insomniac? This game was an absolute disaster and a spit in the face to chadwick boseman's legacy.

  19. Im here to see the r.i.p chadwick boseman comments

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