BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today

Check out the BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today! There are so many amazing martial artists in the world, so we decided to make a video with the best fighters and most skilled women in movies.

Let us know who’s your favorite Modern Day Martial Arts Actresses or if we missed someone in the comments!

Yanin Vismitananda 0:00
Li Bingbing 0:27
Michelle Yeoh 1:00
Maggie Q 1:27
Zara Phythian 2:04
Kelly Hu 2:38
Amy Johnston 3:08
Mayling Ng 3:37
Ronda Rousey 4:03
Gina Carano 4:32
Zhang Ziyi 5:07


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  1. Who is your favorite female martial artist in movies? Did we miss someone? BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today

  2. Michelle yeoh..has always been the one..she's like the jet li of the female industry of martial arts..and then you got yanin..young and extremely dangerous, thanks to Tony jaa she's his niece..very dangerous guy his style is sick 😷

  3. I see a very obvious destination between those who really know martial art, and those who act like it in movies/series.

  4. Julie esttele from the raid n tncfu?

  5. My favorite is Amy Jhonston.

  6. li bing bing is fucking dancing not martial 😀

  7. We are the best ♀️⚠️ 💕😌

  8. Julie estelle is the best fighter

  9. Eu. Gostei muito mesmo. Mano. Deus abençoe

  10. Why are Rousey and Gina on this list? I dont count them. Few others come to mind over them just saying.

  11. now you should add korean actress Lee Siyoung, she is a real boxer athelete too

  12. Where can I find these movies

  13. Where are yukari oshima, cynthia khan, cynthia rothrock, julie estelle, sibelle hu, moon lee, luxia jiang?

  14. No hammer girl?? Julie estelle??

  15. Yeah shure but in reality we all know who would win

  16. Li Bingbing, Maggie Q?
    ARE YOU F****ng kidding?

  17. Maggie Q 😍😍 , Yanin and Michaelle

  18. wtf ronda rousey in this list no way she is not a good fighter

  19. Now tell me the titles of the movies these scenes are from, so I can watch these fights, dammit…

  20. Where is the queeb cynthia rothrock

  21. Subtitles 😤😠 what the he'll is the title of these movies ass

  22. 1:43 that's not Maggie Q, but it is an actress in a movie that Maggie Q stars in.

  23. I don’t know the background of all of them, but the white haired witch from Forbidden Kingdom, Jackie talked about it was movie magic not talent and they had to slow things down to make the fights look good. Also Zhang Ziyi’s background is dance not martial arts.

    Most of your choices seem like you just asked bunch of moviegoers to name some female action stars and you pick whatever name came up the most.

  24. Gina Carano is real, no efect

  25. Jeeja Yanin and Michelle Yeogh are my favorites

  26. нету правдивости в ударах заметно очень !

  27. Mujer no permitas de que ningún mal nacido os ponga la mano encima e ir a los Gimnasios en España hay muy buenos Maestros.. artista marcial y actriz Maestra en varias disciplinas Marciales…..La guerrera tarde o temprano deberá combatir, cuando lo hagas usa todo tu aprendizaje, usa sus codos, manos, rodillas, cabeza, piernas, porque una guerrera sabe que no solo su espada es la extensión de su espíritu guerrero, y cuando hayas vencido nada hay que celebrar, levanta y abraza a tu hermana guerrera pues te a dado digna pelea…y porque también es una guerrera Shalom..-

  28. Chocolate is one of my fav martial arts movies but the fight between Michelle and Zhang in Crouching Tiger is the best EVER

  29. Saw action movies💯💯😃

  30. Only the best and true must Thai fights are born in Thailand. Thai pride to all my Thais out there 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🥊🥊🥊🥊

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