Best Crime Mystery Movie 2019 in English Hollywood Full Drama Movies

Best Crime Mystery Movies 2019 in English Hollywood Full Drama Movies


  1. Yet another race baiting movie using race politics. Can we once and for all PLEASE STOP THIS? it is nonsense, and all part of communism/socialism/nazism. I am native American. We caused a LOT of our own problems. America was founded by our founders, and that is that. It has NOTHING to do with race. Real history has not been taught in the public schools for many years. Once they took prayer and God out of schools and replaced it with socialist darwinism and evolution, this has never gotten better. Think about it,

  2. Such horrible, script, sound design, cinematography, I don't know how come producer spends money to this kind of script and directors

  3. It was a good movie…thanks for uploading.🀘


  5. I was about to stop watchimy when I saw everyone in the comments saying it's good so I decided to give it a shot and it's really good.

  6. I heard enough… to many say the music in the background is to loud, and is distracting. I'm not in the mood for unbalanced thrillers.

  7. what's the titel of this movie?

  8. Watching from mars, station 4, good movie, picture and sound.

  9. Thank you I stretched the movie out over hours so I could absorb the touching scenes 🌿and scenery. A timeless beautiful movie.🌿🌿

  10. Why your punishing the animal's in this movie??

  11. Can someone EXPLAIN THE PLOT, PLEASE!

  12. Free movie… not worth the time

  13. Beautiful Movie…..

  14. omg….no one smokes in barns, egadzzzzzz……………..

  15. Different, I say 5/10; set in modern times, a caring and lovestruck young man who's a cowboy from a declining ranch tries to save an indigenous girl from a pimp and racist land owner/uncle from heavy abuse and more,,, little abstract.imo, thank you for uploading though. I think it's good to be critical.

  16. Why cant we download the movie and save data…..duh???

  17. I will watch this cz of this comments If you don't get convinced by this comments you must be a a phsyco πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  18. I nearly stopped the movie after about 10 mins as I presumed this was just another boring cowboy movie, how wrong was I, so glad I didnt it was a really good movie and the soundtrack was good to.

  19. I really enjoy this movie. Watching from Tanzania

  20. I sat through it and it wasn't half bad. But the protagonist was giving off that Frodo vibe; staring off in dream land. And why is it that they always underestimate the bad guy. The sheriff going toe to toe with a broken bottle vs a bowie knife! Come on. I can forgive Frodo with his six guns but not the ineptitude of a supposedly grizzled and experienced sheriff. Too much.

  21. Oh this is my newest favorite movie. It Drew emotions on me hard. All up in my feels. Crying enough to make my chest heave.

  22. OMG the horse tho. Oh that handling pisses me off. Fucking dickhead needs to be whipped.!!!!!

  23. Ik this is a movie but damn good actors storyline. But when I watch a movie and get those emotions ,God great actor and storyline. I wanna kill the pump and he really ain't done nothing , yet.

  24. 10 mins in and idc what's in his wallet. I want his soul wrapped around and intertwined with my ❀️

  25. every nation they establish is based on sex and killing or strong laws, horn symbols or cowboys hats so called police!

  26. So emotional in the end i got actually get teary eyed.

  27. It could have been an enjoyable see, If that loud shitty back ground noise was silent . But the way it is ? I'm done at 59:36 By God Bless !

  28. Background music 😍😍😍

  29. ByGoneπŸŽ₯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️soundtrack πŸ‘ Thank you πŸ™

  30. I like this film with setting farm and cowboy life

  31. Love this movie ❀️

  32. useless dark scenes.Director fear light .It would have good movie but dark made shit.Mistake of direction.!!

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