Best Crime Movies 2021 Full Length Thriller Film in English


  1. Wag ka mangulo 😡live me alone 😡😡

  2. "I'm strong and i will never give up… i promise"- THE END!

  3. Wow, did not expect the quality of this movie at all. it was great

  4. Brilliant movie, loved the ending 💕…thank you

  5. Hi. Great movie 👍👍👍, love it. So many twists wow. Get🍿and enjoy. Take care all, stay safe LV

  6. Inspired to live. Beautiful movie. Do watch it.

  7. Brilliant film I highly recommend it👌🏽

  8. This now is a Brilliant movie!20 above 10!Fantastic!Thank you

  9. Hell hath no no fury than the woman scorned !

  10. Nice movie👍i like the story😊

  11. Thank you for upload. This film is great.
    Won't spoil it by saying too much, though i could 🙂

  12. Rebecca might be overly optimistic thinking she'll never get caught.
    And Victor, well he's got way too much muscle for my taste.
    Good film. Held my attention though not the most probable story line.
    Well performed.

  13. It's like selling your soul to the devil to be happy for 100days…Using manipulation and deception with his false promises enticing you to do wrong things…At the end u are still doomed

  14. This Gabriel guy looks sort-of like Tom Cruise.

  15. Movie written and directed by Ravin Ghandi. Its about people who feel suicidal. How to help them out. But one person thinks differently of how to help them out and this what the story about.

  16. If you feel depressed or vulnerable in any way, don't watch this film.

  17. Excellent!!! What was the name of the movie?

  18. 40 min in. Got me glued. Good movie 🖒🇿🇦

  19. the biggest nonsense is when not a single cop was with Rebecca at the hospital. That's the stupidest thing in this nonsense movie.

  20. What was depressing about this film is it could be true. Jim Jones convinced 909 people to commit mass suicide in Jonestown Guyana,

  21. Just didn’t realize during the movie how time ut was

  22. Beautiful story, brilliant acting,one of best psychological movie 👍👍👍

  23. I am like alone I a room and it's 11:00-why the fuck. Is the scene 55:50necessqry

  24. I don't Like sad movies.. thanks for all the comments below.. I don't wanna be sad 🙁

  25. Dear Admin,, Could you please upload movie What Lies Beneath please.. (by michelle pfeifer and Harison Ford). Thankyou❤

  26. You don't have to fight every day but when you do you fight to win because you only lose once.

  27. Interesting movie! Love the twists and it ended beautifully. 🤎

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