Best Comedy Scenes of Jim Carrey

Being one of the fans of the Jim Carrey, I have comipled the best Comedy Scenes of him from the top movies of Jim Carrey.

A must watch for hilarious comic compilation of Jim Carrey.

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  1. 7:10 I will never get tired of this!

  2. Our case is simply this blah blah nnnnnnn pppp shhhhh shlabla slaaa slaaaaa aaaaaaaa ahh

  3. “I would like to ass you some questions”😂

  4. Why did Hollywood try to screw him? He find out something? I wonder…

  5. I like the Rhoino giving birth & Ace making his butt talk & the Dumb & Dumber scenes plus the ending of this hilarious video

  6. Comedy material but still his iconic performance is "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" as Joel Barish

  7. he so hilarious XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  8. Shouldn't it be almost every movie, 11 mins is not enough :p

  9. Why is Jim Carrey is not in marvel universe😂😂

  10. " Excuse me!… I'd like ASSSSYOUAFEWQUESTIONS!!"…

  11. That scene where he put exlax in Loyd's drink then he rode down the road like the wicked witch of the west had me in stitches .

  12. Jim Carrey would be a great choice as Chef Louis in the remake of The Little Mermaid

  13. The one with the buss there's a Swedish girl there lol

  14. Do you think the actors who are watching the rhino give birth actually watched Jim, um, birth from the rhino?

  15. Taco Tuesday? No
    Testicle Tuesday? Absolutely

  16. I remember watching mask and laughing my butt off

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  18. Kindely subscribe to my channel to see the latest funny videos and movies updates

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