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At the start of 1941 Moscow is the only major capital not at war. All this is about to change. With rare archive footage and war films, The Battle For Moscow shows the brutal nature of the eastern front and the extraordinary tactics of both Allied and Axis powers in their fight for control.

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  1. 📺 It's like Netflix for history… Sign up to History Hit the world's best history documentary service with code 'WARSTORIES' for a huge discount!

  2. Amazing but you can't blame everything on winter and russian numbers
    The Germans were beaten by the red army tactically and operationally
    They didn't have an overwhelming numerical superiority
    It was 2 to 1 at best

  3. Remember how bad this was, we don't want this again, let's avoid this

  4. I’m here for the background music

  5. 0:18 does anyone know what that is, shooting off into the sky? Flamethrower?

  6. Battle FOR Moscow ..the Germans only made it to Stalingrad

  7. After these great loss of the Russians, i really don't think we should expect Russia to sit by again, While NATO and EU continue to make policy of agression against it, its by playing calm and minding their business that they suffered these losses. I don't support this conflict, but all interest has to be looked into, and we should seek for Cease Fire and peaceful diplomatic solutions rather than encouraging any side to win or loose. #ceasefireinUkraine

  8. Atrocities committed by the Waffen SS are a stern reminder of what Putin's Russian army is doing to Ukrainians. Same kind of deal but whole different century and tactical warfare.

  9. I'm pretty sure the music for this film was composed in 1972 by someone's little brother

  10. How did the contrast get ruined in this film? Was it during a film-to-video transfer? Sadly there's no detail left.

  11. Fascism is ascending. Again. The world is probably going to face another spasm of extreme violence due to systemic crysis of capital overaccumulation. History repeats itself, since bourgeouise ideology insists in mystifying the past through deformations. The new form of modern oppression, now, consists in some kind of market neofascism protagonized by NATO's imperialistic interests.

  12. My lovely Ukraine, why this is happened to you again?😢

  13. "Kalinka" is the song. "Katyushka" / "Stalin Organ" is the feared projectile launcher.

  14. USSR was the greatest army in history.

  15. If the men who started the wars actually fought in them there wouldn't be any wars!!

  16. Anyone who thinks this is worse should remember WWW 3 would make this look like a civilized war by all accounts.

  17. Read a book regarding a Russian college students experience during the siege of Moscow. The Russian peasant population were "somewhat" forced to dig trenches for 10 12 hour shifts, while being fed a bucket of potatoes and a pale of water for an entire work party. Able bodied men under armed were marched into the woods unknowingly. German machine gunners became so disillusioned from mowing down line after line of essentially innocent clueless people. The simple fact that these people who endure that kind of treatment from their own motherland faced an enemy perceived as far worse really says something about politics propaganda and pawnning millions of lives.

  18. 4:064:12 damn, Stalin all you had to do was listen

  19. The Music 😂. Sounds like me when I get a new synth

  20. One auswitz survivor said the only reason the Germans were sorry was because they lost the war. Can't blame him

  21. My grandfather was heavily wounded near Kiev in 1941

  22. Even on my worst day at work I just have to watch one of these vids to put my dramas In to perspective.

  23. Imagine fighting an enemy who is ready to sacrifice 90% , when you r ready to sacrifice 10% of ur own….That's Russia

  24. Fighting the enemy in ur territory is always the best, ask the Afghans

  25. How did the Germans , an advanced society leave all that behind to drag young people into war at a time when the German society was not under any threat

  26. Why that absolutely annoying background noise? Was someone having an awful period?

  27. Terrifying thought that this can happen right in your own yards!!

  28. Now in 2022 Russia is the invaders and the Ukraine is the defenders.

  29. good video. but why do i see raster scan lines in it

  30. Too bad. Communism refused to go away.

  31. Now Germany has ganged up again with the entire west to repeat the same mistake in Ukraine.

  32. The background sound is annoying

  33. VIVA PUTIN KING 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  34. VIVA ROSSIJA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  35. ZZZZZZZZZZ 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  36. It make me wonder the Soviet industrial might. In order to support a 2000 kilometers of frontline, Million of provision, ammo and equipment need to be produce daily in order to support the battle. I guess lend lease from the west cant support the upkeep of those battle.

  37. If there would be any justice in this world we would have won this war.

  38. We Americans have no idea what the Soviet Union endured in WW2. It is stupid our government wants to go to war with these people.

  39. Dziękuję bardzo za gardian worknad,morzem bałtycki m,irena kaminska

  40. Attacking Russia was Hitler's biggest mistakes.

  41. The thanks the Russians got for their sacrifice….. was Gulags, torture, execution, starvation, poverty and suffering. Like the Ukrainians. Soviets treated Russians no better than the Germans did!

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