Based on true story “Point of Origin” Crime, Drama, Thriller, Film, full length movie in english

Fact-based drama about an arson investigator (Ray Liotta) searching for the perpetrator of a string of deadly fires in 1980s California.

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  2. This was one of the most fascinating dramas I've ever watched. The direction and production incredible. I loved the way the film captured the development of the story's surreal description portrayed as the novel was being typed.

  3. Riveting 📽👍🏻😭😭knowing its a true story
    Thanks kindly for sharing on YouTube

  4. I was surprised. I have to say. it is sad that people get joy out of hurting others. So sad.

  5. I'm not a arsonist or obsessed with anything at least fire .

  6. Thanks again for your amazing app and trust you have many more in store for me.. Grateful with Gratitude, YOUTUBE.

  7. Based on a true story? What about the cigarettes & lighters he carted around with him in broad daylight? Probably a pyromaniac & actually doesn't remember doing it!

  8. so sad he is the one who is the one was jailed

  9. Great movie, crazy story…Orr seemed to have a real fire in his belly but he just got burned out…talk about burning your bridges…

  10. John orr was burned his brains

  11. A cereal arsonist likes his cereal very hot

  12. Why are they putting random Chinese actors in theese newer movies .It doesnt work the random Chinese its a real " i cant watch this" because it looks forced.

  13. Arsonists are not obsessed with fire, they simply want to destroy property. A pyromaniac is someone who is obsessed with fire.

  14. Great movie. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Helmet fest! Not a bad film.

  16. I think he´s innocent, but all his frickin´lies sure don´t help his case.

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