AWAKE Official Trailer (2021)

AWAKE Official Trailer (2021) Gina Rodriguez, Sci-Fii Movie HD
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  1. Did they try Ambien and Xanax?

  2. Why does shit like this keep popping up for top picks when I searched "werewolf movies"??

  3. Full movie on my channel👁️🔥

  4. Netflix just pretending we've all forgotten about Children of Men

  5. This is like everyone’s life in downtown San Francisco or Seattle

  6. stupid – you can be put to sleep quite easily. Nothing and no one can resist anesthesia. So the whole concept of no one being able to fall asleep is just fucking stupid.

  7. One of the worst movies I have ever watched. Boring, doesn't make sense…It was bad

  8. trailers show to much, I just watched the entire movie.

  9. I can produce a movie better than this waste of time shit …who can provide me with the producer number?

  10. World's worst mother. Totally useless and almost made the movie unwatchable. She's a deadbeat and I can see why she lost her kids

  11. I'm here cause jin awake LOL

  12. People in the movie: we going to die if we don't sleep
    Me: took med for sleeping 😳

  13. This movie made me so tired for some reason 🥴

  14. :59 NO….. dont shoot the cute guy.

  15. Search F.F.I. and find HELL on Earth.

  16. Overall it was a good movie. 👍

  17. "We're all gonna die if we don't solve this"

  18. when u finally can sleep after a few days of working on an assignment : 1:29

  19. U really need to stay AWAKE to watch d entire DUMBNESS of this brilliantly stupid movie. Luckily I fell asleep after 10 mins n I was more alive than before.

  20. They are all having a insomia. The title should be insomia. Right click thumbs up.

  21. we cant they sleep again (somebody answer me please)

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  23. im sleeping good now. Thanks to my heavenly father😁😁😁

  24. what in the dark will come to the light. author God

  25. God say rest my son your job is done. Get the bag😳😳😳

  26. working 7 days a week without a day off you supose to sleep when the director dont give u a day off. 😁😁😊

  27. So they don't get tired, but their brains still get damaged from it?

  28. לדעתי ההיסטוריה האנושית מסודרת לפי קלפי הטארוט

  29. לדעתי הגיבורים בסרטים ובסדרות טלוויזיה מבוססים על עם ישראל בפרט ועל המדינות הדמוקרטיות בכלל

  30. לדעתי הגיבורים בסרטים ובסדרות טלוויזיה מבוססים על בני האדם בכלל ועל העולם המערבי ( כולל אירופה, ארצות הברית וישראל) בפרט

  31. צריך שהמציאות תהיה כמו בסרטים , סדרות הטלוויזיה ומשחקי המחשב ( ובמיוחד כמו הסרטים הישראלים והסדרות טלוויזיה הישראלים)

  32. לדעתי שירים, סרטים, סדרות טלוויזיה ומשחקי מחשב הם מיתוסים בסגנון של פרוייד, קרל יונג ונח יובל הררי

  33. I just stayed up all night, I’m finna die bitchesssss pogggg 😵

  34. Quiet Place

    Don't Breathe

    Can't Sleep

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