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  1. Will you sell your channel ????

  2. Will you sell your channel ????

  3. Will you sell your channel ????

  4. Will you sell your channel ????

  5. Will you sell your channel ????

  6. The best friend is really so funny 😂

  7. Have subscribed the movie is interesting according to the comments am watching now

  8. If we're talking about time travel in a movie then Nasa, CIA have already being doing this.

  9. Less than 4 minutes and its racist and derogatory.

  10. Wish the movie would focused more on the ending and less on 1 hours of boaring scientist talk..

  11. Time travel back in time lol could I choose like 23 times to visit.. and travel with the right education and property to help explain the reason your there.

  12. If he traveled back 5 years would him the person in that time period still be there..

  13. The girl is Chrishel of Selling Sunset

  14. I like the scientist. He’s so inspiring. Great movie 😍

  15. منومشتهيه عيرتجي واتساب فايبر٠٧٧١٠٣٤٨٥٩٤

  16. Don't waste your time .. 😴

  17. This movie is super brilliant….time travel romantic…..BUT WHAT A GREAT ENDING…..WOW….one of only a few really good movies on utube.

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