Another Me Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Mystery HD

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Another Me Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Mystery HD

A beautiful young girl is haunted by a secret past.

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  1. Jean grey must’ve had a horrible life before she joined the X Men

  2. I’ve read the book and oh my god I don’t remember fay making out with that dude

  3. I remember seeing this trailer back then but i didnt hv any idea where to watch it and today years later i'll finally watch it😁 i had trouble remembering the name thts why i couldnt find this sooner and also coz of my studies now tht i hv all the time in the world i'll watch it!!

  4. this reminds me of "look away".

  5. Thoughy this was an X-men trailer

  6. Another part of me ! Love MJ…..

  7. The trailer is better than the movie 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Maybe the Phoenix Force is after her xD xD

  9. So Dark Phoenix went horror before, ouuuuuu

  10. I want song name in trailer

  11. of course she has a boyfriend

  12. The end of the movie is just arya removing her mask and laughing her as off while Sansa gives her a look

  13. Filme bom suspense vou assistir

  14. DAMN
    She's her exact doppelganger

  15. المذلولين الرجال الدين حسدوني على حياة بسيطة ربي منحها لي و لم يمنحوني اي شيء ابتعدوا من حياتي الني خربتوها لي ابتعدوا مني لا اريدكم اكرهكم حمادة و المصري

  16. sansa pulled an arya haircut

  17. Anyone else got this in their recommended?

  18. Anyone else hear Blue Diamond singing the song? No? Mkay.

  19. The sound effects is like ML victory sounds

  20. Please Sophie, never act again.

  21. Why did YouTube recommend me this after a freaking half a decade?????

  22. so this is the original version of US.

  23. I can't remember if this movie was good or not. All I know is that I watched this before I ever saw Game of Thrones and before Sophie Turner was everywhere and now watching this I feel like it's a completely different movie from what I remember because now it has Sansa Stark.

  24. My guess is that ghost is her twins sister which die in her mother womb

  25. Came here because Sophie Turner really did Lost a twin sister, her mom had a miscarriage and Sophie survived.

  26. Why are they using this chick so much😫

  27. The clone is just Season 8 in human form…

  28. if this is related to JAPANESE HORROR MOVIES THEN HER "DOPPLEGANGER AINT REALLY EVIL … she was trying to help her escape from being attacked …

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