An American Affair (Free Full Movie) Drama JFK era. Gretchen Mol

Set against the backdrop of the JFK presidency, when a young boy becomes infatuated with the beautiful neighbor that’s having an affair with the President, he becomes a pawn in a deadly game of deceit and betrayal. Edited for YouTube ad standards

Directed by William Olsson
Starring Gretchen Mol, Mark Pellegrino, James Rebhorn, Noah Wyle, Perrey Reeves, Cameron Bright

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  1. Brilliant plot and superb acting- worth watching for a good sense of the sixties era

  2. sound is very low and subtitles dont seem to work..too tiresome to watch for that reason

  3. The best movie! 💕 But, I wonder if he never get the diary what would happen to Catherine. 😔💚

  4. Lee Harvey Ozwald joined the Marines as a teenager, High IQ, sent toe the Monterrey language school to learn Russian He was to be flown inti Russia by a U-2 spy pane and parachute down to try to make connection with Russians who spied for Germany and were beinb wiped out. U-2 crahed in Russia June 1960. Eisenhower caught in a lie had call all missions off. So brilliant Ozwalld so proud of a Marine was picked up by CIA and sent to Russia. JFK was killed on orders by David Ben Gurion and 4 men in the CIA got those in Govt Serive to kill him. Short end to a lie.

  5. Nice and interesting movie, thank you! Only the sound is very low. I was born in 1958 and can even remember JFK.

  6. Wow what a movie! It's a definite must watch film!

  7. "Rip it all up?" I would have been like "ma'am I'll be right back with a shovel and gloves, unless you have them for me to use.." 🤦‍♀️
    That's almost impossible without a shovel. If everything was superficially planted the plants wouldn't be growing or staying upright. He'd need a shovel.
    Yes I'm ranting bc I hate it when movies miss the little but important details. Lol

  8. Is this a movie about JFK and Marilyn Monroe's affair?

  9. Review parthuttu vanthu padam parthu yemanthavanga edthana per…😄😄🤣

  10. Marilyn Monroe had a Diary. In it, she detailed her affairs with the Kennedy brothers.

    After she died, it simply disappeared from her bedside.

  11. After watching this I cried
    Such a tragic story 💔

    I can also see how much love Catherine had for Adam just that he was way too young for that.
    The way she was killed just got me tearing up
    Such a sad story 💔

  12. The Kennedy years were trying years 🤔

  13. Good movie! I understand the attitudes, and there really is a swamp out of control!

  14. not bad nice ending music and all

  15. don't waste your time not hot scence

  16. I have a question, in the end she truly love the boy ?

  17. You should have the close captions on this movie.

  18. That diary had everything on it I wonder if it was really burned or kept hidden for now so many yrs passed the truth should reveal itself. Who's watching in this uncertain times?

  19. This is good but also to heavy for me. Damn

  20. need more, love from Kolkata

  21. ⭐💯💯💯⭐

  22. very interesting to watch, this movie tells the other side of JFK life from a young boy perspective, beautiful movie

  23. Remember Franklin White was here 👨‍⚖️⚖

  24. This film is based upon the real life murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer whose husband Cord Meyer was in the CIA. Mary was a well-known mistress of JFK. It is important to getting an understanding of the conflicts within our government at the time, the way that it was the Upper Class and Ivy League men who ran the country. The fact that the boy's father had been called to Texas previous to the murder of the President is also interesting. Many many books and articles have been written. Lucian in the film is James Jesus Angleton- notorious head of the CIA during Cold War.

  25. Slow moving yet a beautiful movie based on a youngster's friendship or rather obsession with the president's mistress.

  26. Gretchen Mol was also in Rounders.
    This version of the film is shamefully edited, too bad, but you can see the unabridged version if you pay! I don't get it.

  27. The blondie girl played also a role in ' Narcos ' tv series

  28. About Marilyn Monroe or what ?

  29. Yes, maybe your son would talk to you if you were slightly warmer than -370 degrees Kelvin. There is nothing wrong with him.

  30. What a creepy kid. Seems like the type that would turn into a serial killer in time.

  31. i love it. no words to say feelings……..

  32. Anyone else super glue a tooth back on

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