An American Affair (Free Full Movie) Drama JFK era. Gretchen Mol

Set against the backdrop of the JFK presidency, when a young boy becomes infatuated with the beautiful neighbor that’s having an affair with the President, he becomes a pawn in a deadly game of deceit and betrayal. Edited for YouTube ad standards

Directed by William Olsson
Starring Gretchen Mol, Mark Pellegrino, James Rebhorn, Noah Wyle, Perrey Reeves, Cameron Bright

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  1. Brilliant plot and superb acting- worth watching for a good sense of the sixties era

  2. The scary and dirty works of CIA and USA have never changed….always try to put others in danger….shit country

  3. The Kennedys were up too ño good during those times

  4. The whole world is completely brainwashed. No outer space. Nobody ever landed on the moon. It's a light! Satan is the small g god of this world. The Kennedys are freemasons. The catholic church is the church of satan. Everyone who conforms to this world plays a part in its demise. There is only one King, One Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and he's about to return!

  5. Like for you, there was no war between the Russians and the Americans at that time. Watched and liked it, I think you should also save this Movie. Don't show up all the time. In the past, the Russians were also friends, and because of this war, it was necessary to distinguish between you and the enemy. You follow Putin and I follow America: Bye-bye. Don't show it again because I won't unlike all the videos, I like for you.

  6. This movie makes me think the same thing as with the new quarter after the virious with the two bats on it. We The People

    What the world needs now…

  8. Great movie I wasn’t alive when he was president

  9. The last true conquest for real freedom.

  10. I remember this one, saw it with momma when first was here. Yes 4yrs ago .. memories. Now this timeline glad somehow she's safer in another realm (rip) momma. —

  11. 🚦No matter how many🍒 times you 👀watch💣 but it 💥always gonna win your 💘heart in a ⬆️different⬇️ way. It was an ⚘️extraordinary story⚘️ to make all this 🌈masterpiece. 🎀Loved it even after a long time👍

  12. This movie has no sound. Low volume

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