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  1. Tolle Frau, tolle Stimme, tolles Video 🤍

  2. She is and she will Reach The Views and MORE SUBSCIBED

  3. This song is so relaxing. Love it! 💚

  4. Views or no views , you a star not in the star position.I love your music 🤟🏽

  5. The omniscient hand byerly mark because dahlia splenomegaly bang without a wacky deer. mindless, scientific whistle

  6. Keep commenting for the algorithm to favor her

  7. Been listening to this song every day for 3 months

  8. Love listening to your music 🎶👂🏻💖 🇵🇭

  9. Heard this at H&M lmao im obsessed

  10. 2:31 when the instruments strip back and her vocals shine, man how beautiful

  11. This song has been featured in the PETITES OREILLES mix of the month, hope you'll enjoy and keep spreading the good vibes <3

  12. I was here before she got famous!

    Love this song!

  13. I'm soo glad i got this as a youtube ad

  14. Heute lädt jede Piepsmaus aus der Provinz ihre Liedchen hoch, dagegen sieht men so richtig was eine professionelle Musikindustrie jahrzehnte geschafft hat.

  15. Stumbled upon this song on tiktok. A new favorite artist! 😍

  16. Poaw j'écoutais billie eillish bored, en me maquillant et j'ai entendue votre voix je croyais que c'était toujours billie et c'était votre son en pub qui passait. Waouh hein. Vous avez vraiment une jolie voix. Et joyeuse en plus quand même 😁

  17. I want COLORS to record this song with her! Now.

  18. AnnenMayKantereit feat. Amilli make it happen!!!

  19. her voice sounds…pretty that probably sounds weird but idk

  20. So… Thanks YouTube advertisemen to bring me here. Dope song

  21. Great music but seems derivative of Lorde… that said, where can i buy this?

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