America Has Fallen | Full Movie | Curtis Caldwell | Chuck Getty | Tom Getty

Former Marine, Ryan Taylor’s, civilian life is thrown into chaos when he’s implicated in a terrorist bombing in Pittsburgh. With federal agents and a terrorist cell bearing down on him, Ryan needs to use every skill he’s learned to stay one step ahead and prevent an even bigger terrorist attack from happening. With blockbuster special effects and fast paced action, America Has Fallen is the edge of your seat action movie you’ve been waiting for!

Director: Tom Getty
Writer: Tom Getty
Stars: Tom Getty, Curtis Caldwell, Phil Lewis

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Director: Tom Getty
Writer: Tom Getty
Stars: Curtis Caldwell, Chuck Getty, Tom Getty

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  1. Looser of a plot, a story line and way beyond a waste of time to watch.

  2. now, America has fallen…………………………….. to Donald Trump. LOL

  3. סרט מעולה ראיתי פעמים מומלץ

  4. Horrible horrible what was the budget for this move 100 bucks

  5. I don't understand the WARNING that many YouTubers found the movie to be "inappropriate and offensive by some" and I had to click I understand and willing to watch anyway. Obviously those people never watch their local news.
    That said, it was a great movie that is entertaining, fast paced with good acting, twists and turns ending in a totally unexpected way.
    The cost of production should never be a reason for judging entertainment.


  6. This is the kind of movie that moves me kudos to the Getty's.


  8. what a crap movie- do not be fooled by all the fake reviews- story line could have been written by a child better. Do not waste your time on this one….

  9. Well WTF is this? Jason Borne and Bane with a CIA secret program of American terrorist activity! Good Grief?

  10. Good movie with a few questionable things. A guy doesn't call a number right after a girl gives it to him to see if it is fake unless HE was the one asking for it. When anything happens and the authorities capture a suspect, they look at all security videos in the area to track where the suspect was and who his accomplices were, if any. A President doesn't go to the site of an attack the day after it happens. They would need time to search the area for other threats and the security required for a Presidential visit would be disruptive, diverting too many resources and personnel from their rescue efforts.

  11. Russia is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and super power in the universe future and beyond

  12. Octane or Octavia son of Caesar the one who made imperialism and the word kaiser means Caesar.

    Thus how can this not be bias.

  13. Worth the watch. Well done . Very interesting story.

  14. america is strong in movies only..hahaha

  15. Got to love the USA I love being Americans I will die for my country and for are red wite and blue flag I will never back down the American flag is in my blood and I will die to protect my USA and my rights and my freedom

  16. Good movie we the Americans dont back down we going fight for are freedom are rights and for the red wite and blue

  17. Well Joe will never have to worry about terrorist wanting to kill him he excels at destroying the US love to bring them pallets full of cash and even arms mm better than the American people

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