America Has Fallen | Full Movie | Curtis Caldwell | Chuck Getty | Tom Getty

Former Marine, Ryan Taylor’s, civilian life is thrown into chaos when he’s implicated in a terrorist bombing in Pittsburgh. With federal agents and a terrorist cell bearing down on him, Ryan needs to use every skill he’s learned to stay one step ahead and prevent an even bigger terrorist attack from happening. With blockbuster special effects and fast paced action, America Has Fallen is the edge of your seat action movie you’ve been waiting for!

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Director: Tom Getty
Writer: Tom Getty
Stars: Curtis Caldwell, Chuck Getty, Tom Getty

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  1. From the comments no need to ask if the movie is interesting ☺️

  2. many thanks to Tom Getty wh stared, shot, edited and poduced this film! great talent.

  3. Why is that the newer a movie is the crappier it gets THUMBS DOWN

  4. Hmmmm…Makes you wonder if Hollywood has scripted, Big Tech and the media helped execute what is going in America today.

    Thus far the real truth has eluded all us peasants.

  5. Great movie i could watch it over and over. Salute!

  6. The best movie I ever seen ..🤩

  7. Its all a show ppl! Fear is exactly what they want you to have! It makes ppl do crazy things if you havnt noticed. Theres nothing new about humanity under the sun!

  8. It's a wow movie the first 9 minutes makes me see the whole .movies with full attention I'm naim from Mauritius island

  9. America is the biggest terrorist on earth i hope soon China or Russia will finish America

  10. I do check the comments first before watching and base on what im reading i think this movie is worth to download
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  11. Would it be ethical to execute the president to save millions ? Absolutely. There's plenty more political self centred asshats to replace him. 😂

  12. Great "full circle" movie.

  13. This movie makes me dizzy bcuz of the camera.

  14. Adakah yang nonton dari Indonesia.? 🇮🇩

  15. If the FBI treat all innocent until proven guilty people like this they should be ashamed.

  16. very nice but the ending 😧😧

  17. A very American propaganda movie…. Full of BS… One man triumphs against all odds hahahaha Rambo bull shit. Hero complex of the Americans

  18. This was one of the best movies I seen in long time👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. I loose my best friend in WTC attack… Twenty20 years of scaricity of terrorist…But that is Price for liberty gave us by Fruit of knowledge .We make good and evil togheter.We are doomed and cursed Aboth same ways

  20. I wish they can b correctly state the right names of the movies

  21. BULLSHIT. Osama Bin Laden was a senior engineer building the largest US base outside the USA in Saudi Arabia, until he was put in charge of drug running for the CIA. in Afghanistan. He was never killed by the seal that claims he killed Bin Ladin at all. At best, that seal either lies for the deep state or else he killed a double. A tall double. In reality, Bin Ladin was a double agent for the CIA, and his real handlers name was Tim Osman. He died of renal failure in a hospital. The big money for his capture was all a ruse. They knew where he was the whole time.

  22. Geez, this movie seems to purport how incompetent and clueless the US FBI is – well, its seems to be given their malicious and politically-motivated actions against Trump! LOL
    Anyway, nice enough movie! Enjoy watching!

  23. very nice movie… good watching time

  24. For a B-rated movie, this one sure beats the crap out of most from Hollywood. I don't think I have seen anything as good as this since 24.

  25. the best movie action I've seen this year

  26. I love it.. Good movie..

  27. I try to completely watching but they make big mistake when didn't respond about the lady at the first time he told to them , good action but bad story

  28. I don't like an ending at all… the villian must be killed in a severe way like in bollywood…

  29. America hasn,t been right from the start 1776 to 2021 all bummed out.

  30. Initially a good story line but quickly devolved to just stupid

  31. I've watched London has fallen a few days bk. Was super excited to have found America has fallen. Thank you!!

  32. Great movie! Is there a part two coming?

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