Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea (2012) | Full Movie | Sean Astin | Elijah Alexander | Kenton Duty

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea (2012) | Full Movie | Sean Astin | Elijah Alexander | Kenton Duty

A Youth Pastor (Sean Astin) and his wife (Erin Bethea) take 5 teens on a weekend camping trip. A conflict results between two of them and creates tension in the camp. To try and resolve this, the Youth Pastor tells the teens the story of the Old Testament prophet, Hosea. At first the teens don’t want to hear it, but as he proceeds with the story, they become more interested. The story flashes back to Israel and shows Hosea’s great commitment to God and unconditional love for his wife. This movie offers real inspiration through the character of Hosea and also has a touching gospel presentation showing the great love of Christ.

Director: Kevin Downes
Writers: Greg Mitchell, Rich Christiano, Dave Christiano
Starring: Sean Astin, Erin Bethea, Elijah Alexander, Patty Duke


  1. Many of us are Gomer. We are of the lost tribes of Israel redeemed, bought back to Himself with the blood of Jesus. We have been redeemed into His Church, into His family. We are espoused to Jesus. We are His bride. God is our Father. We have become His beloved children.

  2. The love of God is greater far than the world and its riches

  3. Thank you for uploading this movie. Made me cry at the last part, reflecting on how very pure and perfect God actually is. Don't want to give the scene away in my comment so i just want to thank you.

  4. Beautiful movie, Thank you, God Bless you all 😘🥰❤️💕💜💕

  5. Great movie……thanks for uploading

  6. What a Love…So Unconditional ❤️💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩🎥

  7. Watching from Africa ( Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼)
    May God bless you all ❤💕💕

  8. He saves her in the end. Hosea has a long-suffering heart. He's faithful. Would I do the same? Probably not. I wouldn't save her. I would replace her. The most beautiful women have jet black hair. You're guy doesn't lie. Hosea also has a heart I need to cultivate. The heart of God towards people. I'm ruthless and stern when it comes to certain things. But Hosea is very forgiving. I admire his character.

  9. Thank you Lord for ur unending love for us.

  10. What a lovely movie . TFS . 💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏

  11. Thank you LORD your unconditional ❤ 😍 💖

  12. Beautiful movie and a true lesson🙏🏻📖

  13. No si no es película del capítulo q dise ay xq la camvian

  14. God loves us everlasting love tq Jesus b🙌🙌🙌

  15. I always skip this movie…and I watch it at the right time in my life thank you lord

  16. So beautiful, seeing movies like this helps us appreciate God's love for us the more, it was really worth my time😇, God bless you cast and crew, keep up with the good work🤩

  17. The very movie made great! They should do one on each book, story…

  18. Beautiful actress playing the part of Gomer 😍

  19. I can't stop watching this movie over and over.its so 👍👍.

  20. Lord can u help me even if … I if u can help me ..please if there is mercy ..

  21. God's unconditional love for his people and the mercy he shows us through that love. Hosea was a prime example of the love God has for his people. This movie was very touching, it was surely an eye opener. So thank you!

  22. Heart touching man 💗💗💗.

  23. Wonderful Love, Unconditional Love 😭😭😭
    Yahweh Thank You for loving even when we fall short of Your Glory.
    Indeed His Love isn't dependant on Us. 💯💯

  24. What an amazingly loving God🙈

  25. Im reading hosea and I will watch this

  26. Jesus is Emanuel the old testament God. God Is One! Father Son and The Holy Spírit! Gos Is The Spírit! Ámen! Aleluia! Maranata!

  27. This is an example to me about how God comes back to us after we depart from him, just that this relation to God is ( Hosea )

  28. Why would Cooper, who is deathly afraid of bugs, sleep with his tent flap wide open??

  29. Good story..I only wished there was accuracy in how many pieces of silver Jesus, was betrayed for by Judas & died for our sin's. It was not 15.
    We need to be accurate with God's word when sharing, as His word, was & still is Holy Inspired immaculate infallible written, by those God had chosen.
    God is not the author of confusion.

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