ALWAYS AND FOREVER Trailer (2020) Thriller Movie

Available in theaters and on VOD November 20th.

ALWAYS AND FOREVER Trailer (2020) Thriller Movie
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  1. Lauren London is exceptionally beautiful! For the haters it is what it is!✊🏿

  2. Currently watching because of Robbie Jones who also started in Tyler Perry's film. Temptation!

  3. I don't know where they found those beautiful actresses but HOT DAMN they look good 😍. Anyway, this movie started off well. The plot was interesting and somewhat mysterious. SPOILER ALERT: I was absolutely enjoying the movie up until Brian became Peter. After then the movie took a complete nosedive. And the ENDING WAS GARBAGE BAG.

  4. I know what you did last summer meets scream with some melanin.

    I'll check it out.

  5. That song 1 in a million was hard who sing it

  6. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays near the start of the movie? I've looked all over for it. It uses the line "one in a million."

  7. When I heard "Always and Forever" I thought of "The Originals"

  8. how am I just finding out about this smh come on now

  9. This was really good, great acting JOB,,,,to all the Actors and Actress

  10. One tree hill got me here rip Q

  11. Why'd they put our beloved Wood Harris in this mess? If you don't watch the whole thing, at least watch him deliver the last line of the film. He looked like he was trying not to bust out laughing. It's ok, we at home did it for you.

    I don't know, I may have found the movie slightly enjoyable if I hadn't seen it done better many times before.

  12. Why all the girls resemble one another 🤔🤔🤔

  13. Naahhh cause ms.lady was clueless the whole timee

  14. Esse filme é muita lindo… qual é o nome dele em português… como faço pra assar ele no you-tube em português e 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Anybody know the name of artist and or song title of the song on the intro?

  16. This looks terriable can someone spoil this for me.

  17. That guy came out in Tyler Perry's Temptation

  18. Damm don’t wanna tell da movie but did anyone think da mom had something to do with the killings as well because how you gon marry somebody and not kno they had a sister to begin with come one na who else thought the same thing plz respond back to my comment If you ever thought about that too

  19. This was a dumb movie halfway through the movie I had figured out what had happened

  20. All y'all got it wrong title should be " I know what u did last BBQ" 💁🏾‍♂️

  21. Lol It’s funny how you can always tell a low budget samey black movie by the name of the movie. 20 genres and we keep making the same 2

  22. I had a feeling her husband was lil/big Pete..smdh.
    Damn, he went through all that to marry that woman then kill them..

  23. Lauren London not even in it for more then 5 min and this movie is really bad man no lie this is bad bad who even hyping it bruh.. you got bad bad movie taste aha the way he switch’s at the end like something wrong with em bruhhh ahah

  24. This movie came out of nowhere. I’m so sick of this PLANdemic. They can’t promote movies well like this anymore. I only came across it while looking in my movie app. It sucks because I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to stream movies that normally should be in theaters. It’s not the same! Anyways it was a good movie, not crazy good but I enjoyed watching it. The build up was just slow for me. I understand some movies need a good build up but some take way too long and that’s what I got with this one. However as it was slow it kept me interested enough to want to watch until the end. Some movies take so long to get to the point that I stop watching after 30 minutes and sometimes sooner because it gets BORING. Lol

  25. Awesome movie had to rewind the ending I think it's not over I knew it was the husband when he said I know u then better u know yourself but till the end he die but the clues wasn't over talking about always and forever Pete coulda have more than one sister Lauren London she did say I came from the hood and the one still standing

  26. I know what you did last summer in ATL

  27. The chick that was stalking Eddie Murphy 😭😭

  28. An all black movie. How racist. Your words, not mine. Looks like a cut-and-paste of the worst parts of the best white movies. Figures.

  29. I’m here for my twin Lauren London 🤣🤣

  30. I know what you did last summer camp

  31. Pretty Little Liars comes to mind

  32. Pretty Little Liars the colorism version.

  33. a Black version of "I know what you did last summer"…

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