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Check out the official All My Life Trailer starring Jessica Rothe! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: December 4, 2020
Starring: Jessica Rothe, Harry Shum Jr., Ever Carradine
Directed By: Marc Meyers
Synopsis: A young couple plan their wedding in the wake of devastating news.

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  1. Whoa, a White Woman with an Asian Man, after 1 million movies of a White Woman with a Black Man.

  2. I just want to watch this because the trailer used naills song

  3. Who else is gonna watching it bc of Black and White cause I am

  4. The moment she screamed audible in the car, how many times can you use this shot. No thanks. Lazy script

  5. I was hoping K-Ci & Jo Jo would come up at some point….guess not

  6. 00:58: he puts the ring on her finger… 01:00: the ring is gone

  7. Honestly blonde girls don’t like Asian guys

  8. Bruh these movie trailers have to stop showing basically the entire film in 2 minutes. Like now all we need to know is if he dies or not…

  9. Why did I think that was Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the thumbnail? 😂

  10. I'm sorry, but I screamed when I heard Niall Horan's song. "I PROMISE THAT I'LL LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!" 😔❤🤍

  11. The love story couldn't be perfect, there had to be a a poor plot twist where something happens to one of them… so predictable

  12. plot twist someone mixed up the X rays and he's not really dying

  13. I worked as an extra on this film

  14. Short films sure are getting shorter these days.

  15. At first i thought she was going to date the brotha, but then i remembered it was still Hollywood. White womman + black man = $0

  16. For the love of God studios. PLEASE stop showing the WHOLE MOVIE in the TRAILER! Seriously!

  17. Do you know what song is in the trailer??

  18. These trailers are the worst.

  19. I always have to ask is this on netflix

  20. Both Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe are incredible, super-talented actors and I'm so glad to see them doing movies but can you just stop showing the whole movie in the trailer? 😂 I mean, at first it was annoying but now it's just ridiculous!

  21. Why is interracial always gotta be poc+white? Not everything needs a caucasian

  22. How you know it's based on a true story: Asian guy as the lead in a romantic Hollywood movie
    8 years ago, they'll just whitewash the role

  23. I like the actors so I will watch the longer version.

  24. i don't know why people make a big deal out of cancer. astrology people is so annoying

  25. Will be tough to watch for those who's lost loved ones to cancer.

  26. It's been a while since I last harry on screen

  27. Finally a proper Asian American lead in a romantic movie

  28. the trailer tells the whole story.

  29. Another "The Fault in Our Stars"

  30. Black and white!!! Sorry I love Niall. Also it looks like a good movie

  31. stan the niall song in the back

  32. I don't care what anyone says…I'm gonna watch this for my love for Magnus and Tree!

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