ALL MY LIFE Official Trailer (2020) Jessica Rothe, Romance Movie HD

ALL MY LIFE Official Trailer (2020) Jessica Rothe, Romance Movie HD
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  1. literally been watching kyle allen movies the past few days this is scary

  2. I remember him from Wong Fu

  3. Those who can love like this deserve to be liked.

  4. Show of hands people, who else got teary eyed watching this….. Looks like it'll be a good movie, can't wait. Just absolutely love that actress

  5. Did I just watch a movie recap?

  6. Seems ok but come on we all seen this plot hundreds of times before,more of the same but with different actors.
    Hard pass.

  7. I hate how this type of movies emphasize romantic relationships as the final step to "real love" and "real happiness". There is so much more to life and love than romance and marriage.

  8. Why bother watching the movie now?

  9. I don't even have to watch the movie because I just saw everything in the trailer 🙂 Thanks

  10. Why even bother making a film if the trailer shows everything?

  11. So… We just watched, the movie.

  12. Wow! That was such a good movie!

  13. no need to see the movie with an over exposing trailer like this 🙂

  14. Too repetitive scenario!

  15. Just for a half a second I thought this was a happy death day 3 teaser

  16. How is that these kind of movies keep appearing? For god sake stooooop!


  18. Jesus loves you, He died for our sins

  19. Will she die in this movie? At least once?

  20. I can't believe I cried bc of a trailer

  21. Was a episode of Mystery Recapped?

  22. so what happend at the end ??????

  23. why would i watch this if he's gonna die

  24. Well I saw the entire movie here

  25. From the mouth up she looks like Blake Lively and from the nose down she looks like Jodie Comer.

  26. Spoiler alert…he dies at the end…….what??

  27. I will probably watch this because it's compelling and they're cute but it was sometjing to get the whole story in under 3 minutes

  28. Tbh only listening to the song but love that it’s true based

  29. Wait did this trailer just pretty much sum out the whole movie??? I feel like I don't need to watch this movie after watching this trailer. 😅

  30. impressive how you can compress a movie into 2 and a half minutes

  31. Ok my reaction seeing the trailer: 1. I Iike the actress, I like the actor – let's see. 2. That looks pretty generic but still cute. 3. Well, is this just a "we're so happy" kind of movie with no real plot? 4. Oh fuck. 5. Another movie where the loved one is going to die? 6. Do I want to see this? 7. I guess I am having an emotional response to the trailer. 8. me crying 9. I am so gonna watch that. Let's celebrate life.

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