” Aliens Reaction ” a sci fi short film by Ali Pourahmad – Space/Alien/Universe/VFX

Part 22 from sci fi short film ” Aliens Reaction ” Director : Ali Pourahmad Producers : Caitlin Burt and Ali Pourahmad Visual effects : Ali Pourahmad * Visit my Instagram page to see before & after VFX images and behind-the-scenes of my sci-fi short films. My Instagram: www.instagram.com/science.fiction.director


  1. They speak like fifth graders. What's that about? Seriously, this is the worst dialogue I've ever heard.

  2. I liked the sound effects and background music- very interesting.

  3. This CGI tech is at least ten years ahead of the usual "Aliens hump girl abductee with giant apparatus!" vidoes all over the porn sites.

    11:59 – "Yeah! You're OURS! So dwell on THAT s**t awkwardly into the camera for 15 seconds!"

  4. Interesting. I need to see how she eventually destroys them and returns to earth to destroy all humans too. When is the rest available.

  5. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🥰🥰🥰


  7. All that useless information constantly moving away, for a being that can't possibly look with both eyes in one direction… lol

  8. …En 9:16 Dice el Feo ET: "Sí! Hay otras criaturas diferentes a ti e incluso a nosotros!!…" Claro! Y tú eres lo que se dice normal ¿NO?
    Espera que me siento para enfrentar tal singularidad… Ah! Y córtate el pelo!!…¿Ehe? Pues agarra una sierra motora… Y por favor, hazlo a solas!

  9. I keep telling everyone when you Die they will pull the Helmet off and ask you how was your Human Vacation?

  10. Even aliens need fluorescent lights…..

  11. So many of these stories are like most of the Dust stuff. Great looking, interesting but then have no point. Stories need a conclusion that we can understand otherwise it’s just effects.

  12. Monotonous and excruciatingly boring! Where is the creativity?! Visual effects alone can’t possibly save a movie.

  13. Proof positive that even aliens shouldn't go to work stoned.

  14. 👽👽👽🚀🚀🚀⚡

  15. I always wonder how writers completely ignore an alien ship or ships land in our cities crash land in our cities killing half 1 million people, and yet the supreme intelligent highly advanced aliens can’t figure out why we want to kick their ass. Pretty much all the aliens seem to be fucking morons.

  16. Very interesting what a shame there isn’t anymore. Is it right to peak our interest then leave us!

  17. I don't get how people like the way this looks. It actually looks like 2010 tech demo. I've seen better cgi on pornhub.

  18. Those tentacles seem familiar

  19. Sudhu bachha keno bado budoder o bhalo monoranjan cirial

  20. no actress credit. is caitlin the woman?

  21. The flawed assumption made by this film is that aliens have a religion and it is very similar to monotheism.

  22. La créature parle, mais sa bouche ne s'anime pas ou alors, c'est si peu visible !
    C'est une chose sur laquelle on s'attarde le plus, lorsqu'on utilise la technique du stop motion, par exemple, afin de rendre crédible une scène et donner vie à un objet inanimé par essence ^^
    Si les textures 3D sont quasiment parfaites, le film souffre d'un manque de scénario bien construit, de longueurs. Aussi, les tentacules situées sur le crâne de l'alien bougent mais sans fonctions évidentes. Il aurait fallu leur donner un sens. Je passe aussi l'absence ou l'impression d'absence d'une maquilleuse pour la comédienne, car on voit clairement son bronzage estival ^^
    On dirait du Jean-luc Godard à la sauce alien 😉

    Ceci dit, gros travail, et pour ça, respect ! 😊😎

  23. Great Cthulhu as sci fi short, H. P. Lovecraft 😉

  24. Look like a videogame. It`s not iranian sci-fi, but american.

  25. Nice CGI. But SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. And their God's punishment for attacking Earth cities. Just sit there watch it as normal.

  27. Boring and horrible come to mind I’m sure it was a lot of work but the end result was not good

  28. I love the look of the Android and the Alien and everything! I really loved it all!

  29. Timing is everything, this took too long, every scene could have been reduced by 70%. It just drew out too long, but the visuals were fantastic.

  30. My reptilian brain was contacted when i listened to the Octopus extratterestrial…

  31. I think this is the best one on YouTube

  32. Beautifully done sequel please

  33. Why is it every single video I watch like this or anything released on "DUST" always ends up with an ending that goes absolutely nowhere whatsoever????

  34. lf when an alien speaks with god ;D and dont realize that he is speaking with god the most powerful ;D

  35. Artifical Intelligence is the best

  36. Looks good to bad it's short

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