After The Resurrection – Full Length HD Movie, KJV

A full-length high definition movie. The Gospel of Jesus of Christ, The Son of God – After The Resurrection. King James Version scripture quoted throughout. Put together from clips made available for public use and I own a standard licence to use the song at the end. Enjoy!


  1. Name of jesus Christ… ….
    I am really proud to be Christian….bcz God has chosen me ….

  2. The people who have not much reading on Pauline Letters will be having little difficulty to understand this movie.
    Very nice movie

  3. The natural beauty in this movie is beyond the words.

  4. Beautiful movie and I'm highly favored and blessed by Lord Jesus to watch this today. Apostle Paul is one of greatest man of God who ever lived. Teaching us to finish the race just as he did, inspite of what challenges and hardships we face in these last days. All praise and glory to Christ Jesus, Amen.

  5. All in all I like it BUT, around minute 45 a woman teaches The Word to men and this is strictly forbidden by The Word of God. Mine, or your opinion on this matter is not relevant. The Word of God is The Word of God and is to never be violated by worldy trends or whims, for it is not our privilege to take license with His Word or His Name. Otherwise, so far so good. See Job 22:21-22 and 1 Tim 2 11:12 on this matter. Again, my opinion matters not for I am not anywhere near the all-powerful wisdom of our Lord. It is only The Word that matters. My opinion will be whatever my King commands it to be.

  6. We are the children of God. Apostles are our models. Let Jesus protect us from Covid and War. Congratulations all the team members, may Jesus bless you and your family.

  7. Im from Surabaya..God Bless You All 😇

  8. While well made using 500 year old English definitely causes problems for those whose mother tongue is not English. Words like Quicken for Life or Harken for Listen and Holy Ghost for Holy Spirit and all this THEE, THOU AND OTHER WORD WHICH ARE NO LONGER IN USE TODAY. It reminds me of William Tyndall asking the popes why the people could not have the Bible in the vernacular when God gave it in Aramaic and Hebrew to the Jews and Greek to the Greek speaking people. The same principle applies today, you need to update to modern English so as to be more comprehensible.

  9. Here you go! One more from Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Saved in Jesus Christ got His anointing , saw n felt Him Supernaturally

  10. This captures our mental struggle that even in hardship we give to charity. Because God so loved the world that he gave us his one son..
    I'll cry now not tears of sadness , but 2000 years later the tears of Joy.

  11. Best understood the of gospel. God bless this team that put this piece together

  12. Aman to Jesus Christ 🙏🏿

  13. We are all our Heavenly Father's literal spirit children, or offspring – "Father" is not just a figure of speech



    Premortal life and God actual father of our spirits – Jeremiah 1:5, Hebrews 12:9, Job 38:4-7, Genesis 1:26


    Heavenly Father is actual literal father of our spirits, we are his literal children – Hebrews 12:9


    We are the actual "offspring" of Heavenly Father, literally his spirit children – Acts 17:28-29


    The Holy Spirit will bear the truth that we are literally Heavenly Father's spirit children – Romans 8:16-17


    Councils or assemblies of some form take place in Heaven, the "sons of God" are those who attend – Job 1:6


    Holy Spirit himself witnesses that we are the Father's spirit children and that we also will be glorified – Rom. 8:16-17, Acts 17:28-29

  14. We all get resurrected like Christ,Christ was just the first of all of us to receive new glorified physical body



    Reality of resurrection of everyone in same manner as Christ – 1 Corinthians 15:12-19


    All are physically resurrected in same manner of Christ, Christ being the first of millions – 1 Corinthians 15:20-23


    Upon Christ's death, a massive resurrection of many of his people occurred and was witnessed by many – Mat. 27:52-53, Isa. 29:19


    Preaching that Christ is the only one to be resurrected is false doctrine and corrupts the faith of many – 2 Tim. 2:18


    We literally receive new glorified and improved physical bodies after resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15:35-57


    Christ proves mankind's own perception of salvation is dangerously wrong – 1 Corinthians 1:19-29


    Christ not only one to be resurrected from dead, he was just the first – Revelation 1:5


    Our physical bodies are redeemed (new and glorified) when resurrected – Romans 8:23, 1 Cor. 15:35-37


    Christ vanishes in front of everyone, then immediately returns with a new physical body with scars – Luk 24:31-45


    Christ suddenly appears in front of his disciples in a physical body that he lets them touch – John 20:26-27


    Christ, immediately after resurrection (in his new and glorified body), asks for and eats meat – Luke 24:41-43


    New resurrected bodies are physical, not just spiritual, including ability to eat food – Luke 24:41-43


    We are eventually given whole new physical bodies that replace our current bodies – Phil. 3:21, 1 Cor. 15:35-43


    All are physically resurrected from graves, but the good and bad have different destinations – John 5:28-29


    We all get physically resurrected prior to judgment – Revelation 20:11-14


    People do not believe in resurrection and mock it, but it is real and some believed it before it happened – Acts 17:32

  15. Thank you for sharing this movie and the encouragement.

  16. I can’t believe it, so accurate! The truth at last is out, I hope, the hope that God the Almighty Father promised will be here soon! ❤️🙏🏼 Jesus reveal his Father to us! 🙏🏼

  17. Thanks for creating this in the KJV. I wish others would do the four Gospels in the KJV. May God Bless You'll!!!!!!

  18. Seek the Lord whilst He can still be found 🙏😇

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