Action Movie Stars Who Sadly Think They’re Still Famous

There was a time in Hollywood when action movie stars were the hottest commodities and became global superstars. Actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone weren’t just action stars, they were global icons.

Stallone is still churning out movies and Schwarzenegger went on to become the governor of California. But there are action stars out there who sadly have passed their expiration date but haven’t quite figured out they’re not famous anymore.

Fame is a strange occurrence. When you are not a hot commodity in Hollywood anymore it’s sometimes hard to come to terms with the loss of fame. To find out who these former action stars are, watch this video!

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Steven Seagal | 0:00
Mickey Rourke | 1:39
Cuba Gooding, Jr. | 2:43
Bruce Willis | 3:39
Steve Austin | 4:59
Megan Fox | 6:13
Wesley Snipes | 7:16
John Travolta | 8:52
John Cusack | 9:56
Dean Cain | 10:42

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  1. Wesley snipes just made a comeback with Dolemite is my name & Coming to America 2

  2. Stave is still famous and u are talking about how celebrate who sadly think they're are still famous what about u are u famous cuz I know I am not

  3. I admit Steve Austin's movies are great but his podcast and Straight Up Steve Austin make up for it

  4. They're all still famous… I think you mean "who think they are still popular in Hollywood"…

  5. the sources of this video has a lock of credibility. this is just like collected little bad comments and said it exaggeratedly. sooo disappointed. unsubscribe.

  6. This channel has some cheek to put Rouke on this list. (I don’t agree with him being a IRA supporter though)
    Maybe if Holywood was honest and less snobby, Rouke would still be relevant.
    (But that’s Hollywood’s problem, not Rouke’s)
    But then again, what do you expect from a film industry/elites that is filled with scams?

  7. Steven Segal has not been famous for a very long time.

  8. i am sorry but Steven Seagal shouldn't be on this list as he's not actor because he is shit at it

  9. All of theses men mentioned were spectacular and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Looking over all these has beens,They would’ve never been anything in the first place without the fist, weapons, and so on. And you wonder why we have violence in the streets. These young people grow up on violence on the screen and carried it outside

  11. Mad at the cgi n Budget burh no shit

  12. Who sadly think they're still relevant is a better title! 😬

  13. What happen to these Action Movie Stars? After they have rose the fame. They do their own Action films outside of Hollywood.

  14. Still love Mickley Rourke – always will

  15. Good calls here in picking out the real creepy of the creeps… most end up being either filmed or videoed in eastern Europe with cheap ass production values to save money and go direct to DVD… it's sad to see Willis and Cusack do their walk ons.

  16. Seagal is pathetic and a legend in his own mind. His absurd whispering is almost as funny as his fake widow's peak.

  17. I still think John Cusack rules. Even if he's in a bad movie you can't blame him for it.

  18. I love all of these guys. If you say nicholas cage I'm dead

  19. People get bored watching the same faces –
    Actors get bored repeating their heroic roles –
    I understand that…

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