Action Movie Martial Arts – Empire Dragon Action Movie Full Length English Subtitles

Empire Dragon Martial Arts Movie Full Length English Subtitles


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  1. very nice movie.✌️😷😎👏

  2. A mans heart sould be loyal to his land.
    Its so tragic that today all this ideals get twisted into something bad and so on. There will be very evil times in the future because the antichrist is rising..

  3. Ow! This kind of movies i like it.

  4. Like love 1954 through 1969 and 1997 you know yeah k that was such a good movie watching it with my brother and sisters and some other family tonight lol

  5. The scene where the sister and the rest of the brothers are like wait what in the hallway where the rest of the assassins are like bitch omfg. Killed me. Lol

  6. Фильм интересен, но было бы интересно с русской озвучкой.

  7. I luv this movie so funny and interesting

  8. Asu….buang buang kuota ga ada teks indo

  9. I love the film so much♥️🌟😊

  10. Yaah… Ga ada sub indo nya..

  11. Clean his ankle wounds with their Saliva?!
    EWW!! ☹️

  12. MADIDA HERBAL CENTER's medicine released me from the imprisonment of Herpes virus HSV2 that has being a torns on my life.

  13. Thank you, for comedy action movie,…

  14. A strong passionate tale about a love between 2 men. Homosexuality has not often been a feature of historic movi like this one. ty 4 movi.

  15. sound good I love its….now everybody can understand and loving it.

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