“A Monolith by the Sea” | Horror Story | Creepypasta

Exploring it couldn’t hurt… right? I hope you all enjoy tonight’s story, by HeadOfSpectre!

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► “A Monolith by the Sea” written by HeadOfSpectre, narrated by ClancyPasta
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  1. Thems the breaks, Darren. Thems the breaks. Next time, don't climb up a rickety, poorly maintained staircase, eh?

  2. great films like joker and citizen kane……………………… that part legitimately got me cackling

  3. This man thought about the camera but had no hesitation for his friend. It was his fault they even went in there tho 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. "alongside such great films as Joker"


  5. Damn! It’s pretty fucking bad when a living being is worse than a deadly airman! Maybe if he’d shown some respect to these valiant men, he might have saved himself and the doomed guy who thought he was with a good friend!

  6. 16:45 – "Not just naval. They were old." Cue Old Navy commercial!

  7. James definitely drowned Darren, and the zombie sailors are a cover story

  8. I used to watch all the videos on the Second Clancy channel. What happened to it? I can't find it anymore. I'm not mad or anything, i'm just curious why its gone

  9. Can you do a Christmas creppypastas in the month of Christmas

  10. Awesome narration, and I don't wanna ruin anybody's good time here, but Darren likely would have lived. The guy said he wasn't a doctor, yet seems very sure Darren would've bled out. A little bit of blood looks like a lot. That makes the story even better though because the character tries to justify their cowardice(read as the instinct to self preserve) Good story man, and awesome narration!

  11. Really wish you could post more frequently. In all honesty I think all throughout Covid I have already watched almost every single story you have uploaded and you’re a top notch narrator in my opinion, the stories you narrate are so off the wall weird which is perfect plus the way you execute them actually has emotion

  12. Hi guys, I listened to a Clancypasta story a couple of years ago, It's about a guy with a drinking problem who comes across a demon driving an ice cream truck on a cold day during Christmas. The demon tells the man that he doesn't have much time to live and gives him the option of killing his ex wife and her new lover in exchange for a longer life.
    does anyone remember the name of the story and whether it is still around?

  13. My avatar is the look on my face when the author implied that Joker and Citizen Kane are the same calibur of film.

  14. Please do another stream if you can soon!

  15. Ah yes my favorite album
    In the Monolith by the Sea

  16. Ah he’s dreaming of fame…that’s his first big mistake

  17. As always, stellar narration.
    The story? I very much enjoyed it. I served in the Navy, honouring my Grandfather, a WWII Sailor. I just wanted to mention that I wish the story had a little more Naval detail in it, but it is well done, nonetheless.
    WWII Sailors went through hell. And, WWII Uniforms stayed the exact same up into the 2000’s with the working uniform of “dungarees”, white dress, & the famous “cracker jacks”. My Grampa couldn’t believe I was wearing the same uniform as he did 50 years + later. We later changed several times until I joined other Branches of Service. ⚓️🌊

    US Naval History is fantastic, frightening, & a whole lot of crazy. I loved the reminder. Thank you!


  18. please don't say dubyoo dubyoo 2 ever again, thanks

  19. Great films like Joker and Citizen Cane looooool

  20. Clancy, honestly, what do you thing about this story? I am really, really curious what do you think about it, the plot, the characters, pacing etc.

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