A Masterpiece of Murder (1986)



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  1. Oh My!!! Tennessee Williams, You Are A Genius!!!! Thank You, It Explains Everything For Me!!!! True Enlightenment!!!

  2. Simply awesome, a class movie and an excellent upload. Thank you

  3. What a fun show. So many wonderful stars. Thank you so much for posting. Made my evening.

  4. Dear Chris Johnson.
    πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Maaaan, what a great crime movie! And what an extraordinary good cast too. I love this movie and therefore I watched it in 6 pieces (I simply didn't want to come to its end because it was so much better than most of the crap that is called movie nowadays).
    Thanks a lot for uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health.

  5. Oh wow a Richard Simmons commercial and his mom Shirley!!!!! Richard Simmons in a Citibank commercial WOW af!!!!!! Love you Richard! 🀩πŸ’ͺπŸ’

  6. Worth watching just for the RR fishtailong…

  7. This movie is pure camp. Lovely.

  8. Aimed at older TV watchers at the time, most of whom would die off by the early 90s. This is less than a year before the debut of 21 Jump Street (April 1987) the prototype show that ushered in the type of 90210 shows that were to come throughout the 90s, aimed at younger viewers with lots of young actors who all looked too young for their supposed TV jobs.

  9. THis is like the fucking Beachcombers

  10. First time for me to watch this one . Thanks so very much!

  11. The Challenger news was a bit sad to see

  12. It’s something I just watched an episode of Hollywood Grave yard channel and they showed the grave of Don Ameche

  13. Does anyone else have a comfort binge thing going on with this flick? It became such a feel-good movie for me that I've watched it a dozen times over – and I didn't even discover it until last year or so during lockdown! πŸ₯΄

  14. "I heard about the hot tub but this is ridiculous 🀣"

  15. That Nightly News digest with the Challenger mission cancelation was ominous – definitively so.

  16. Was this a pilot ? It should have been a series very good

  17. So far Babylon 5 and the Jocker from Batman TV series 29.05

  18. Reminds me of Trading Places for some reason

  19. Funny little movie! Great to watch and love the commercials!

  20. Ahhhh, January 1986. My best year-not counting the space shuttle…..Just got my license, last time I ever wanted to be older.

  21. I'm English. Ive decided I don't like American adverts pushy style and frequency, Ditto Hope's one liners.He can act but he obviously prefers not to, Ruin of an interesting movie.

  22. Bob Hope was always overrated (as was/is John Wayne, America); crap movie – avoid!

  23. I particularly like the original commercials 😁

  24. Thanks for the great movie and commercials! Wow, how times have changed and I felt that since of peace we had back then through those commercials.

  25. I really appreciate you posting this movie it's worth a few watching .

  26. Check out Dana Delaney in the Wisk commercial at [1:30:28]

  27. a film for old sleezy men to watch…enjoy

  28. Wow! Seeing the real news about the shuttle Challenger, the delays to the launch due to the bad weather! Its that weather that was ultimately the problem to the explosion on take off, the expanding 'O rings' due to the cold weather, they froze then shrunk then expanded as the days went by, thats what caused the failier, it was weird seeing tgat female crew member who was a teacher at a primary school! Rip Challenger

  29. Seeing these movies with the stars I grew up watching is wonderful!!!!! Thank you !!

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