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Based on the Oscar Wilde play entitled Lady Windermere’s Fan, A GOOD WOMAN is a scandalous yet comic story set in New York and the Italian Riviera during the 1930s. Mrs Erlynne is an audacious and well-known woman of a certain age with a reputation for entertaining wealthy, married men. Leaving her problems and unpaid bills in New York, she sets sail for Italy to pursue Meg and Robert Windermere, one of the most high profile couples in 1930s society. Once in Europe, she becomes embroiled in a family scandal which becomes an intriguing story of seduction, betrayal and, ultimately, surprising loyalty. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Helen Hunt & Tom Wilkinson.

Directed By Mike Barker (Sea Wolf & Moby Dick)

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  1. Perdón. Quien sabe cómo se consigue ésta película en Español. Yo no hablo inglés. Con dificultad hablo español. Muchas gracias. BENDICIONES.

  2. To : scarlett Johansson,
    You are such a beauty that I'm always amazed, such a lovely face i always adored, the first time I seen it, I'll never forget.
    This is a nice movies, great story from the past of good old times.
    and I love it.♥️

    Sincerely yours,

  3. Me encantaría verla subtitulada en español. Muchísimas gracias!

  4. What an amazing movie! ♥ ….. Things aren't necessarily as they seem.
    This movie deserves a second part, maybe to the extend that Meg realizes all on her own what Mrs. Earlynn did not tell her.
    Looks like she may be back after getting married.

  5. This is a beautiful story, thank you for the upload MidnightS!

  6. The moral is, with every known complication comes tremendous added complication. But a tiny maybe painful amount of righteousness comes a load of happiness. Oscar wild is a great author pretty sure the book is even better.

  7. why is Lord Augustus nickname Tapi???

  8. It goes to show just how gossip can destroy people's lives.

  9. nice and classy, good movie,

  10. Its lady windrrmeres fan story line!

  11. Ah, the real star is . . . the location. Helen Hunt was terribly miscast, lackimg in charm and seduction. Although she did have a bit of chemistry with Tom Wilkinson who was superbly cast. The other two leading men were rather lackluster. Lovely costuming though and Scarlett did well enough.

  12. I just love this movie. It has that old glamour, shows us that many things are not how they seem to be on surface, and does it with style.

  13. Wow super grateful to u for this amazing upload 🤩😍🥰 Thanks mate for being so generous and thoughtful and this movie is truly one of a kind and hopelessly romantic ending…. Luved every bit of it 💫✨🙌🏻🤟🏻😊

  14. Definitely the best movie I've watched on YouTube. Superb acting. Bravo!

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