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Based on the Oscar Wilde play entitled Lady Windermere’s Fan, A GOOD WOMAN is a scandalous yet comic story set in New York and the Italian Riviera during the 1930s. Mrs Erlynne is an audacious and well-known woman of a certain age with a reputation for entertaining wealthy, married men. Leaving her problems and unpaid bills in New York, she sets sail for Italy to pursue Meg and Robert Windermere, one of the most high profile couples in 1930s society. Once in Europe, she becomes embroiled in a family scandal which becomes an intriguing story of seduction, betrayal and, ultimately, surprising loyalty. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Helen Hunt & Tom Wilkinson.

Directed By Mike Barker (Sea Wolf & Moby Dick)

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  1. Quero assistir o filme,mas com legenda em PORTUGUÊS!

  2. The original one …Lady Windmere's Fan I liked more.

  3. Absolutely lovely movie.. ✨

  4. Yes, a smile lingered on my face, love old movies like this, very mood uplifting.

  5. Lovely … To be kind …

  6. the dialogue in this is epic!!!

  7. What a beautiful movie. Reminds you of the classical art of story teller.

  8. that was the shortest 1hr 29 mins and 17 secs in my entire life!

  9. The sucessor of Meryl Streep is Scarlet Johansson….that woman is everywhere…like a curse ….lol…made in Horrywood..

  10. Oh my gosh, what a stunning stunning movie! Love Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johanson ! Such gorgeous talented actors 👏💕🏆🌞

  11. Tuppy is a very charming man and i love Helen and Scarlette. Great movie…..tons of great quotes to live by.

  12. Good movie.. No disappointment… 💏

  13. Helen was good in As Good As It Gets with Jack nicholson.

  14. Oscar Wilde plays are always filled with twists and turns.

    The fellow was a genius. If he hadn't lied and ruined himself, he would have been made a god in England.

  15. Such a lovely fairy tale!


  17. Enjoyed such a fantastic movie….from Bangladesh

  18. How I can watch this movie with subtitles

  19. Worth watch. Thanks for uploading.

  20. A Great Lady — mrs Erylnne played by the marvelous Helen Hunt . Enjoyable movie

  21. Never been one for romance movies but this one……sigh…loved it.

  22. 24:00 Oscar Wilde quote, “ The only thing worse than being talked is not being talked about”, I’m confused about why or how Helen Hunt’s character becomes people’s mistresses.
    The love of food “Don’t u know that a man being rich, is the same as a girl being pretty” in Gentlemen prefer blondes originated w/ Oscar Wilde
    I don’t know why he couldn’t just tell Meg
    Sad about Oscar Wilde’s death in Prison, I hope the mother-daughter reconcile
    She should be w/ Tuppy

  23. That woman Helen Hunt is real piece of art

  24. I was waiting for the crime, I believed I was in Hercules Poirot story

  25. Great and very entertaining movie. I loved the ending….

  26. Excellent movie!!! Thank you for posting.

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