A Few Good Men – You can’t handle the truth!

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  1. The look in acting can't be more real than Jack's. Perfect acting

  2. Remember what the horse said in the sky ad 2:53 I WANT THE TRUTH YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUH!! 😂😂😂

  3. I used to think Tom used to be the right guy in this scene. The older I get the more I realize it's actually Jack who's right.

  4. Why you ask, because in this neck of the woods.. real men say, don’t even think about it!

  5. I’m hungry. Lunch time

  6. I think the acting couldn't be better, but for me this scene always held just too much suspension of belief. Colonel Jessup just has too little self-control, and seems too stupid in this scene. I mean seriously, he pointlessly gives away a case he already has basically won, then acts like he didn't even know he did this. How could he not know that he just admitted to the murder? He didn't mince words. I wouldn't want a man like this with that much authority, as if he could be played by an attorney that easily, then he probably could be easily outwitted by the enemy, too. What am I to assume? A marine can't keep from crumbling to the enemy when under pressure?

  7. The Tom Cruise character as seen in this movie, as the one fighting for Justice and fighting for truth, and is seen in this movie as “the hero”. and the “Valiant” one.
    I beg to differ with this favorable perspective on his character. What I see is Naivety, and an unacceptance of the hard cold truth, because it does not suit the “knight in shining armor” persona and image. but what I think is most important here to acknowledge, is this: the truth isn’t always pretty. and the truth isn’t necessarily wrong, morally and ethically, because, it is not pretty or kind. The Truth, is the Truth. and tho, ugly at times, it is still viable and still true. No one ever said, the truth would be easy to swallow. It’s quite the contrary. The truth is the hardest thing to swallow. and is often “repulsive” to those that are shown it. But nonetheless, truth is truth. it stands, and remains, and holds. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of it.
    I feel that I understand the Marine on trial here. in some way. and I back him up. and support his understanding. Cause no matter how ugly something may be, sometimes decisions have to made to let one go, in order to save the multitude. I was a professional whitewater River guide employed many years at this job. as a Professional Rescuer. and even I know, that you do not sell the lives of people, down the river without a paddle, and put them in a situation that will kill them, in the name of saving just one. Tough decisions have to be made. and yes, Heroes are great. but it is simply not heroic, to kill 8 people, trying to save 1, that wasn’t going to make it anyways.
    “You can’t handle the Truth!!”
    one of the best statements ever made.
    and one of the most true.
    look, I’m just going to be blunt here, and not mince words, to suit the most fragile of people. As a Professional Rescuer, and someone that had a career as one, it’s common sense and Common knowledge that you do not throw the lives of the 8 innocent people in your boat, under the bus, and get them killed, for sake of trying to be a “hero”, and attempting to rescue 1 person from what is innately and inherently a fatal and impossible situation. this is not rocket science and this is not cruel or mean. it’s reality. There is nothing “heroic” about getting 8 innocent people, and yourself killed, because you attempted to do the impossible.
    the end.
    lightning quick decisions have to be made. and the best we can do, is hope and pray we made the right decision.
    but just know, these decisions and these judgement calls made, rest on no one’s conscience more, than the person that made them. and often times, it just is what it is. and despite our wants and wishes, and wholehearted desires to save each and every one. we can’t. and even when, there was not even a possible way, and the situation was inherently and innately fatal and impossible, a sense of guilt and regret, and deep deep remorse will be felt. even tho, there truly was nothing we could have done. it rests on no one’s conscience more, than the rescuer’s. so with this film, just take in consideration, the very hard decisions some of the Military has to make. and the judgement-calls they have to make. and understand, like just what I’ve shared here, that they too, are faced with those very same things. and they are not mean or cruel for it. or wrong for it. anymore, than me, in the position I was in. to make such hard decisions and judgement-calls. and the bottomline is this: it’s one thing to be willing to risk your own life, and lay down your life, so that another may live. but it’s quite another thing to lay down and sacrifice the lives of innocent people, for the sake of one. It’s tremendously Heroic to lay down and sacrifice your life in order to save another or others. but it’s not heroic to lay down and sacrifice the lives of many innocent people, for the sake of trying to save one life.
    It’s one thing to lay down and sacrifice your own life. but it’s quite another to lay down and sacrifice the lives of innocent people.
    and every good rescuer knows the difference.

  8. It’s 9-1-2022. This is still one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history.

  9. Nicholson Is a Beast. Love when He Says You Snotty Little Bastard.

  10. why is the sound not synced with the movie?

  11. Give orders people die . You take orders peoole die🎯😎 THERE ARE NO RANKS🐂💯. GUNS USED DEDENSE OD YOUR COUNTRY YOUR VLOOD TO HUNT FOOD 💥 PERIOD

  12. 1992 AD: You can't handle the truth.
    10191 AG: You can't handle the tooth.

  13. What happened to great movies?💕

  14. Tuiewhlps it's noiit a friend a serial murderer that's tight and theese hate uhm cuz they where wrong but he's cleared making him right to bare arms from NSA all along

  15. If I become a lawyer will most of my work be like this?

  16. Just all round quality acting. Really power performance by Nicholson.

  17. Any lawyer (as I am) would know that the two questions… and the answer Jack gives… equate. There is no difference. He was in grave danger. Why? He was a sub-standard marine. That detail wouldn't need to be spelled out. I wish Tom Cruise wasn't in this EPIC scene.

  18. Son we live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

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