A Dangerous Place (Full Movie) Thriller Mystery Suspense

An innocent woman is drawn into a terrorist plot to kill people through the mail using a deadly strain of tuberculosis. Paranoia will overwhelm a pharmaceutical executive when she is the only one who can save the nation from an epidemic.
Thriller. Mystery. Suspense

Directed by Gregory J. Corrado
Starring Kristen Dalton, Sal Rendino, Kevin Interdonato
TV Version

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  1. I guess I am among the few because I loved this movie! The selfish grieving mother in law who wanted to take everything reminds me of real life drama queens. Just goes to show we all grieve differently. The plot was good, great sound and quality of picture. I thought the story line was good but in my humble opinion the mother could be a bit dramatic. The theme of the movie shows that it's not always a foreigner who wants to wreck disaster and havoc on a city but more times than often it's a "good old boy". Popcornflix you have spoiled me my day has been spent watching your movies! Thank you for the upload and the variety of movie choices……

  2. The woman who missed out on the DIVINE INFINITE blessings JUST because she cluttered her Heart, that is her home, with idols from every nationality making her home become ‘a den of thieves’. Selah if, the woman had removed these idols, the WISDOM of UNDERSTANDING of what was really going on would have arrived in correct Measurement called INFINITY Breath of Living who has always been the CREATOR above and over ALL CREATION (Her not him as taught previously). OMAIN

  3. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It really made me think and out what families who lost loved ones in 9/11 have gone through. Hug your kids a little closer tonight. ❤️

  4. OK, so in one scene, when she ran out of the office she didn’t have her car keys or handbag, and in the next scene she’s getting out of her car and carrying her bag? Magic? And all those blocks that reached to the ceiling, they came out of that half empty cardboard box in the closet? More magic??? 😎

  5. Why those employees are not wearing masks beats me? You can get TB if an infected person coughs or sneeze on you. That woman definitely infected more people with all that coughing.

  6. why is the camera shaking non stop , drunk ?

  7. 0:00 I just turned the movie ON and she has that Vanessa Williams warm glowing way of singing!! ❤

  8. Such evil F B on this planet, that's why God is destroying it in parts, it's d END !!! 😠😡

  9. 57:31 – She's too nice to tolerate that kind of approach.

  10. Five minutes in and already there is a boring scene with an overbearing stooge, incredible silly lines… jeesh! … another boring, lame movie. Writers need to practice more and seek better results, this is not a good sign. Too bad there isn't a point to this Soap Opera….This is an unreal situation, no corporation acts out like this….lol Time waster.

  11. Tell your family and friends how much you love them because you don't know it my be the last time you see them.

  12. Far too much screeching and overacting for my liking!

  13. Were they on speed or something, couldn't get what they were doing?

  14. Jan 25, 2022: Repent of your sins and give your hearts to Christ before it is too late. *For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son Jesus, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17

  15. Rinsing with dish soap sounds like the way to address anthrax?! Sorry but it just got worse and less believable the longer I watched. Had to take breaks between parts as some spots annoyed me rather than engaged or entertained. … that said, I stuck it out because the 9/11 building blocks and fire man doll reenactment scene by her traumatized near selective mute son was very powerful and I thought a movie with that emotional visual and psych insight might get better or tie things together eventually. Instead it deteriorated and whom I suspected from first appearance was exactly it. I lost folks in 9/11. My brother and his now wife were supposed to be working there that day visiting from another company location. It was pure luck they didn’t. They lost a lot of colleagues to the attack. I watched through it because of the subject matter. Wished it had been handled better in the second half than it was in the film.

  16. Merica – always a victim ahhaahhahahahahahaa

  17. Stupids still think there were planes on 9/11. Tragic.

  18. omg this lab looks so professional…..

  19. I am so sorry but the actress that is the lead…FACE IS TOO MUCH FOR ME…bad actor.
    911 has special great stories THAT ARE REAL AND INSPIRED…THIS MOVIE revolves around very negative people…not good!

  20. Absolutely excellent and profound highly recommend

  21. Can’t get the drift of this movie, forget it awful💀

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