7 Zombie Movie Horror Fates Worse Than Death

Think Zombieland would be all fun and games? Guess again.


  1. In the movie, The Dead : India, the survivors end up trapped underground at the end.

  2. You seriously need to straighten out your priorities if your records are too important to throw at zombie heads than using them as weapons to save your life. Because arguing over what record to throw at the zombies while the zombies are coming at you has to be one of the dumbest things to do during a zombie apocalypse. If it weren't for the producers hadnt decided started making zombies somewhat-to-fully capable of running (depending on the condition of the zombie's legs I would think it affects whether a zombie can run or not) so they can move faster and be greater threat until after Shaun of the Dead was release, Shaun and his friend would of been dead before they decided to break the shed down because of the fact they were arguing over what record to throw..

  3. Honestly, I think your body turning into a zombie is worse fate than death, because even if the soul can leave the body before the turn because of the fact you have to die to become a zombie (as the soul normally leaves the body after death so naturally you would think your soul would left the zombified body before the zombification process finishes), that means you have no control over your body and who it hurts and kills, including love ones.

  4. I did not enjoy zombieland at all 2nd was even worse don't know what people like about zombieland movies 👎

  5. seeing that I live in Louisville I think that it's got a bad rap and shouldn't be nuked.

  6. If you look at the thumbnail you can see the zombie stripers boobs have knifes in them

  7. Ah yes I’d rather be eaten alive than throw my records.

  8. The zombie on the left in the thumbnail kinda stacked idk yt recommended this to me

  9. What was that absolute garbage?

  10. "fates worse than death" are you sure about that?

  11. Oh no my eyes thumbnail is veryy…..

  12. What was the deal with that thumbnail?

  13. Maggie was a really good movie…it was just SUPER sad.

  14. Me: * Looking for a timestamp *

  15. Cargo should be on this list….just knowing that ur gonna turn into a zombie because you were bitten but you have to find a safe place for ur baby with people you can trust before you turn…that's gotta be a horrible thing to go through

  16. Is this supposed to be a comedic list? Because these “fates” are not the worst I’ve seen in zombie movies.

  17. I'll never forget the two young lovers who burned to death in his truck after it caught fire at the gas pump, in the original "Night of The Living Dead". At least they died together. But then they became a barbeque buffet for the zombies, who just reached in and tore off their burnt body parts and munched away. I knew zombies preferred eating warm bodies, but shouldn't they still be able to move and scream?

  18. Finally, in addition of Ash Millman..there's Tilly!! <3 0:43

  19. Who else had this in there recommend?

  20. Deadsnow props man props

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