3 Scary Small Town Horror Stories

The strangest of tales often come from small towns.
Podcast Episode #311.

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  1. What story was the Canadian bearman in?? The one where the young child saw the bear man in the window and the small town slowly became aware of the danger with faces being ripped off and the like

  2. Sucks about your mom…honor her memory by living your best life. Xoxo

  3. I like all your stories but i have to avoid the ones with a lot of ads when im drifting off

  4. I grew up in small towns. That in it's self is a horror story of small minds and busy bodies.

  5. I live in a small rural town in Kentucky this is perfect

  6. Why did the guy in the first story think it was a rake in his attic? Why would he think of that instead of just a normal spirit?

  7. Nice one, thanks Swamp for your eager work here! Keep it up, I really appreciate it:)

  8. No favorite…all were Very Chilling😱

  9. Why don't these girls ever carry a knife? Like I know it's a bit much to expect them to carry a gun, mace, baton, or stun gun at their age but switch blade or something especially when it's late.

  10. My favorite story out of this compilation is the UK story with the creepy access door. I have a gigantic imagination with an equally sized dose of paranoia while travelling so I literally cannot IMAGINE seeing that panel moved when I woke up! One thing I wish the author of that story did was give people a background snippet about what a "Rake" is. . . had to look this up.

  11. I love these stories! I listen to them all the time. I wonder how I would go about creating my own show like this?

  12. i still don’t know how people sleep to these god damn

  13. I always find the Lake District to be deeply relaxing and don't understand how people can be scared there. Although my wife (who isn't British) finds the woods there to be somewhat creepy. Maybe the spirits don't like foreigners, lol.

  14. In the United States the minimum population requirement for existing cities to remain qualified as a city is a a population of 5,000 with a minimum of 4 square miles and a population of at least 1,000 residents per square mile (so an 8 sq mi municipality with 5000 people would be requalified as a town/village/etc.)

    Just a fun fact. TruStoreez.

  15. Don't mind if I do,well while you was away Wendigo and big foot hunting 😆 (hope you had the best relaxing cabin trip ever!) I became a bloody grandmother! !!! 43 and a frickin nanna goddamit! But he's stunning so that's my news 😊🤗😍
    Gonna lay down in bed now and chill 2 this ty

  16. How have I never heard of you before???

  17. People from the United States do not say "Take a holiday"…

  18. Hope you do more of these ones

  19. I no longer buy any used dolls. I'm old, and I bought that doll when I was already in my late 60's. The thing was made of fabric. I had to move it to my cottage from the house. It would still creep me out there and I finally threw it in the trash. NEVER AGAIN!

  20. Yanks coming to Great Britain is like a long lost kid coming back home.

    Welcome back to the country that made you.

  21. That last story was stupid, why didn't she just go home if her house was at the top of the hill, instead of walking up and down the hill?

    Also they didn't starting the pay phones away till 2012, the story didn't make much sense.

  22. Of all the reasons to miss England, the food doesn’t crack the top ten for many people…

  23. Small town horrhorror stories? Don't mind if I do

  24. That last story sounds like Everytown, Southwest Georgia, USA..
    Thanks for the great stories! Great video!

  25. At 23:05 when the dead boy talks to the kids mom gave me goosebumps, I was raised catholic so our views on the paranormal are kinda similar. My uncle died in a work accident before I was born and my mom had a dream where he told her that he’s fine and happy and that there’s nothing to worry about, so I’m now curious. I do believe that my uncle visited my mom the day be passed, does anyone else have similar encounters?

  26. Ok swamp my daughter has got me talked into submitting our stories i have enough that you could probably make a full episode out of just them

  27. Me who went home to my hometown 3 days ago: *chuckles I'm in danger

  28. Most underrated narrator channel

  29. i loved the scary story with the girl n the scary guy'''good stuff of the "seCret" phase .."i am not walking OVER HERE:

  30. Those were great stories! Thank you Swamp

  31. Man, that last story was POSITIVELY harrowing😱🥶😵😰

  32. Love smoking at night and listen to all these stories u upload lol

  33. I too come from a small town of only 2.5 million… "Preposterous" you might say, until you realize that I'm the only hyper-sentient Ant in the Colony. You wouldn't believe the horrors I've seen.
    Gotta go… It's tiring, running around and jumping up and down on this keyboard.

  34. I always look forward to getting off work for these stories!

  35. Nice and spooky,the story about the attic was awesome as attic have always freaked me out,dweller of swamps.great stories

  36. This is why i never walk after dark.
    You never know what creepy people lurk in the shadows.
    And if you do walk at night, be aware of your surroundings, and if you see suspicious activity, tell someone. Scream bloody murder and point at the creep

  37. I've actually never lived in what could even remotely be called a small town until 3 months ago. My mother is on oxygen and has a myriad of other health problems so she's high risk of dying if she contracted covid. So she heard Okeechobee county has the lowest number of infected in all of South Florida. And her lease was up anyway so she found a place directly on lake Okeechobee (I can spit from my back porch into it) She invited me to come out so here I am. It's a whole different kind of life out here. I'm a die hard fisherman and I'm terrified of the water here. Zero visibility even on a sunny day. I listen to too many encounter stories to hang around that mess. The people are a whole other weird ass story. I heard every year there's a contest to see who can make the biggest Mohawk using cow manure as gel sooo yeah fuck smaller towns I'm currently looking for a room to rent anywhere back in west palm beach. I'm out!!

  38. The first story: Mormon family. "Lived in England for a couple yrs while working for the church", and op is from the Western US, i.e., Utah. Also, 25 yrs old and married, which I suppose isn't abnormally young to be married, but it is younger than the average age for Americans to be married. Mormons are very, very pro-marriage/family, and strongly encourage their members to not delay doing so. For those not in the know, Mormons, esp males, go on a two yr "mission" to seek out converts, usually at age 18 (the missionaries may have knocked on your door and ask if you'd like to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints?), and frequently marry within a short period after returning home from their missions. And Salt Lake City, Utah, is HQ of the Mormon church, and also my hometown, which is why I knew what was up right away. Not that the op's religion makes a bit of difference, and credit to him for not making a thing about it; I was mainly just laughing at myself for picking up on the admittedly very sparse clues. But I'd bet money on it.

    Second story: also Mormon family, absolutely guaranteed. "Bishops" are the local Mormon pastors, as the op mentioned; also, a large, religious family from Westin, ID–Ive been to Westin, and it's about 90% Mormon. And once again, the dream of the grandfather passed on advice about marriage. As I said before the ops's faith is neither here nor there, it just amuses me that after 20 yrs of living in Utah, I can so easily hear the cues that identify someone as a member of a religion to which I myself don't belong.

  39. Swampy you're almost at 200k…👏👏👏👏

  40. Happy Sunday! Just made my evening oh so much better! Thank you and stay safe 😷.

  41. Not cool with the loud as f commercial wtf

  42. The sad fact is too many Christians refuse to look in to the Supernatural through a Biblical perspective. The Bible is full of Supernatural encounters with God's Prophets, Men and Women in the Bible. Even Jesus had satan appear to him in the wilderness.
    It is very important as Christians to research the Scriptures and learn how to deal with demonic spirits, even possession. For every thing Supernatural, the Lord has given us POWER OVER all the power of satan.
    Luke 10:17-19.
    You need to research the Scriptures and learn everything about the Supernatural.
    Isaiah 45:3
    I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou may know that I, the Lord which call you by name, am the God of Israel.
    What God is saying is he will open up the secrets of darkness and show us the way to fight against satan, and his minions. All the POWER AND AUTHORITY! That Jesus has, we have been given. I Pray this helps you, gives you a starting point to research.
    Start in Luke 10:17-29, then go to Isaiah 45:3
    God Bless you, Lisa 🤗😻🙏🙏🙏🙏

  43. Always happy to listen to another Swamp Dweller horror stories episode.

  44. Aha you got me. Now without any further hesitation! Lmao

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