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Check out this compilation of all the trailers for the 2021 Academy Awards Best Picture nominees! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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00:00 The Father
02:07 Judas and the Black Messiah
03:54 Mank
06:32 Minari
08:38 Nomadland
10:42 Promising Young Woman
13:06 Sound of Metal
15:42 The Trial of the Chicago 7

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  1. Hit,kill each other, cruelty, violence do it gently is the solution

  2. Best picture! Just be black or lesbian talking about being a victim and they throw awards at you.. remember it's politics not quality.

  3. Nominations you got to be kidding me?

  4. In the clip for "Promising Young Woman" I almost get a chill from the way that administrator says "We get accusations like this all the time."
    Really, all the time?
    And what do you do about them?

  5. whole thing was too political and we so over it.. Daniel Kaluuya…. brilliant actor … i just hope his talent had not been wasted on that negativity and divisiveness

  6. whole thing was too political and we so over it.. Daniel Kaluuya…. brilliant actor … i just hope his talent had not been wasted on that negativity and divisiveness

  7. fantastic actor Daniel Kaluuya… excellent I thought he was when i first saw him black mirror … but the films are as boring as they said they were….. people like to inspired not preached upon .. blaaaaaaaa

  8. I just started balling my eyes when minnari trailer started

  9. Nomadland and minari is best👍❤

  10. Satanic Hollywood must be closed forever.

  11. Promising Young Woman looks amazing

  12. I miss the movie theatre 😭

  13. Oscar award born in 1927 died 2019

  14. Well all these are just awful

  15. Music drowns out the people??

  16. So this is now the best Hollywood and produce – pathetic POS.

  17. Huh. I thought most of the Hollywood "stars" were either executed or in Gitmo.

  18. First time seeing the trailer for "Promising Young Woman" and all I can say is… remember, like about 10 years ago when Carey Mulligan popped up on the scene and we were like, "yo! she's brilliant!" Then she dated Shia, they broke up and she disappeared? This film is here to remind us that she wasn't a fluke. She is like what I thought Michelle Williams was going to be until she kept getting cast as delicate, frail women with self-esteem issues. I'm here for the Carey Mulligan resurgence!

  19. I didnt realize how much I missed previews, and how much I depended on previews to pique my interest and get me to see a movie. Oh I cant wait to go back to the movies! Arclight is closing though- a great sadness.

  20. Poor alzheimers people and their families. Can't wait to see The Father.

  21. This is definitely the least interesting line up of movies ever. Like nobody knows these movies

  22. The winner is obvious. The most progressive and Woke movie will win

  23. judas and the black messiah for the win

  24. Best picture best be black or else✊🏻

  25. could be a great day for the brits

  26. Another Round should replace Mank.

  27. Meilleur History Film Script Great Actor 👍🖤😘🤞🍀

  28. boring or depressing. all of them seem. except for maybe a promising young woman.

  29. Sorry folks here so excited about these Oscars, the pandemic. general cultural malaise, and the move to streaming made this one of the worst years for film ever. Predicting lowest ratings ever for the Academy Awards telecast.

  30. All of these films are vomit inducing god awful.

  31. Judas and the Black Messiah . . . WOW

  32. No need to compare and pick watch them all .

  33. Réveil impressionnant du cinéma américain. À suivre..

  34. My top 3:
    1. The Father
    2. Nomadland
    3. Minari

  35. Daniel Kaluuya sends goosebumps up and down your spine as Fred Hampton, such an exhilarating performance that stays with you.

  36. The 2020 Best Trash Movies of the Year from Hollyweird.

  37. The father has to win it all. Perfect. Gold for the audience.

  38. Dont watch TV anymore so never heard of any of these movies cept the Netflix one. Feel like i missed a whole lotta nothing.

  39. I wish I'm Thinking of Ending Things was here.

  40. Mank leads the nominations but also the best picture that I least enjoyed watching it

  41. Nomadland or Chicago 7. But def. Nomadland

  42. Amazing lineup! Here's my ranking:
    1) Nomadland
    2) Sound of Metal
    3) Promising Young Woman
    4) Minari
    5) The Father
    6) Judas & the Black Messiah
    7) Mank
    8) The Trial of the Chicago 7

  43. …how would anybody be able to choose which of these 5 amazing films is the "best" or worth an "oscar" (a too heavy piece of metal)? Imo these times are over….all these films are masterpieces…all equally….

  44. My prediction….
    This will be the least watched Oscars ever.
    People today have better things to do than watch the cesspool of Hollywood pat itself on the back.

  45. The Academy got it right this year. After a year of movie going lost to COVID-19, these offerings are outstanding.

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