2010: Moby Dick | Full Action Adventure Movie

2010: Moby Dick – A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him.
2010. Stars: Barry Bostwick, Renée O’Connor, Matt Lagan
**Under license from The Asylum. All rights reserved**

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  1. Why didn’t I laugh at any of it? I’m sorry but I didn’t like the movie. Someone inform why, please?

  2. At 1:11 it gets comical with the cross… “arrrrr, me matey!”

  3. You got to give it to the research department lol

  4. Okay a cheezy attempt, dragging a classic tale through the muck, but up until the smuck of a whale humpbacked over the atoll terrain, it was just watchable. At that point, I knew just how obnoxiously moronic the writers, directors and producers of this movie flix really are…

  5. That was one of the stupidest movies I've ever ever ever seen. And there were no ads for it because nobody cared enough to promote that movie because I know nobody's going to watch it

  6. Make another modern version of Moby Dick against submarines and Destroyers with bigger budget this time.

  7. This was so bloody silly i had to watch it. It's a mile away it will take 4 hours to get there ??????? A flying whale. A great comedy.

  8. Got to make the sequel, the last living soul, the young woman, will return to finish the hunt.

  9. wtf is this???!!!

  10. A one legged Captain in the United States Navy commanding a submarine ? How is he suppose to get into the %$#@ing thing with a fake leg ? And they just hijack these scientists ?

  11. Funny movie watching from Columbus Ohio at 332am after the lady left for her Apt

  12. Compare this piece of crap to the 1956 masterpiece starring Gregory Peck.
    This could have been an epic of historic significance. Instead they produced an abortion.

  13. John Bonham, John Henry Bonham…

  14. Please…Don't waste your time on this. .001/10

  15. This is a comedy, right?

  16. Yeah it's only a movie, the black guy is wearing a sweater hooded and the girl Dr is a bikini top. I've seen enough, I'm OUT.

  17. Absolutely ridiculous movie.

  18. it was like reading herman Melville's version to the letter.

  19. How do they get funding for this garbage 🤔🤔🤔

  20. Will somebody tell me where the zodiacs come from

  21. F grade movie didn't even get 20 minutes into the movie and stopped

  22. If this film was any darker I would need night vision glasses

  23. Ol' pip squeak not sure if he's BRAVE enough to hunt down Moby Dick and make him roll in his own blood…(37:29)🤔😏

  24. Hay movie central,that’s a terrible movie”A”3 other Moby dick movies out there that would swallow it “A”

  25. So annoying, preparing for this and only having guns with tiny bullets to shoot at it with instead of something more powerful. Then the idiot has the whale in his sights and fumbles with his gun instead of simply shooting and getting it over with.

  26. ,when the return or moby dick #2

  27. My huge Respect to the Producers,actors and all the Cast of this movie just to entertain us .thanks a lot

  28. 13 minutes in. Enough.

  29. Trying to convince myself that was a great Movie. It's not working LMAO


  31. For this to be a movie from 2010, they must have truly had a shoestring budget for special effects that bad.

  32. It's soooooo dark. Hard to watch.

  33. Turned a classic into a “sub” B grade flick

  34. great movie with wonderful CGI, wish people would stop complaining about the sonar tho. That's just how sonar works in real life guys, read a book.

  35. Can someone explain what exactly was meant to be happening at around 1 hour and 10 minutes? ! Lmao. A monstrous what hiding and laying in wait…. in 3 inches of water.

  36. I can't finish this. I'm 65. I can't spend my precious time on drivel like this.

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