15 Martial Arts Movies You Must Watch In Your Lifetime

If you are a Martial Arts Movie Fan, you can’t miss these amazing action films starring legendary martial artists such as #JetLi, #BruceLee and Tony Jaa.

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So come with us as we list some of the best martial arts movies you must see before you die.

SPL: Kill Zone | 0:00
Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior | 0:36
Kiss of the Dragon | 1:22
Ip Man | 2:03
The Raid: Redemption | 2:49
Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing | 3:39
The City of Violence | 4:10
The Protector | 4:53
Chocolate | 5:36
Fatal Contact | 6:18
Drunken Master | 6:58
Kung Fu Hustle | 7:35
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear | 8:21
Fearless | 9:06
Enter the Dragon | 9:48

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  2. SPL 2 ( Killzone 2) is better than SPL 1.

  3. Enter the Dragon, best martial arts movie ever by far. Would like to have seen King of the Kickboxers and Ring of Fire on the list.

  4. 1. Man of tai chi
    2. Bangkok knockout.
    3. Wrath of wajra.
    Must watch these also…

  5. No One can challenged against Bruce Lee. He was the first Person to present Martial Arts in a Movie. His Kung Fu is legendary until today and for all times . Bruce Lee ❤

  6. I am crying when Bruce Lee beating Jackie chan

  7. Fun fact: 9:11 The guy behind Bruce Lee is Jackie Chan 😄

  8. Brucelee donnie yen jackie chan my fav

  9. Where the hell is DRAGON TIGER GATE !

  10. Dragon tiger gate and iron monkey?

  11. Who hires the millennial kids who write this shit?

  12. Nice to see Indonesian movie(The Raid) get into this list

  13. TONY JAA IS THE BEST 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Almost loved the sounds bruce made after his attacks 😂 damn… Such a legend thank god jacky chan was here to was getting worried one of his films would not be in here

  15. 😄 " Opening scene…. The great, Donnie Yen versus that young dude with ' honey badger ' hair. "

  16. When you've got either Donnie Yen, Or Tony Jaa in your movie, You can't go wrong.

  17. Some great ones on there, missing a ton, but a list like this could go on forever. I would’ve added:

    Drunken Master 2
    Iron Monkey
    Wing Chun
    Come Drink With Me
    Police Story
    Police Story 3 (Super Cop)
    Wheels on Meals
    Spiritual Kung Fu
    Fist of Legend
    Kung Fu Cult Master
    Tai Chi Master
    Accident Man
    The Perfect Weapon
    No Retreat, No Surrender
    Forbidden Kingdom (just for the collab)
    And of course many more….

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