15 Martial Arts Movies You Must Watch In Your Lifetime

If you are a Martial Arts Movie Fan, you can’t miss these amazing action films starring legendary martial artists such as #JetLi, #BruceLee and Tony Jaa.

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So come with us as we list some of the best martial arts movies you must see before you die.

SPL: Kill Zone | 0:00
Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior | 0:36
Kiss of the Dragon | 1:22
Ip Man | 2:03
The Raid: Redemption | 2:49
Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing | 3:39
The City of Violence | 4:10
The Protector | 4:53
Chocolate | 5:36
Fatal Contact | 6:18
Drunken Master | 6:58
Kung Fu Hustle | 7:35
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear | 8:21
Fearless | 9:06
Enter the Dragon | 9:48

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  2. One n only one… The legend.. Bruce Lee

  3. #3 is “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – The only martial arts movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture. Nuff said

    #2 Karate Kid – This movie did wonders for martial arts schools. Enrollment for my TKD school shot up that summer. This movie is a classic that people still talk about.

    #1 Enter The Dragon – Bruce Lee at his best

    These are the only martial arts movies that matter. All the other martial arts movies are garbage.

  4. 1_ Bruce Lee 2 _ Iko Uwais 3_ Scott Adkins 4_ Jet Lee 5_ Tony Jaa

  5. You should include Donnie Yen's Flashpoint. That movie perfectly showcase the MMA skills outside the ring without any rules and restrictions.

  6. im still admired and love tony jaa, even i like them all they are soo good fighter

  7. Jackie chan is my favourite Martial arts actor noone can change my mind Love you Jackie 💝

  8. What is the title of movie after < chocolate

  9. The Raid 2 is one of the craziest martial arts/action movie imo

  10. Very good! But I think You miseed operation scorpio and jet Li's taichi master

  11. Tony jaa : muay Thai
    Sammo hung : kungfu
    Donnie yen : wing chun
    Iko uwais : silat
    Yayan ruhian : silat
    Scott Adkins : taekwondo
    Michael jai white : boxing
    Lateef crowder : capoiera
    Jackie Chan : wushu

  12. Chemie twenty-one years Bruce Lee

  13. How many trophies do Donnie yen have and are they more than Jackie Chan' s

  14. Las combinaciones del vídeo👍 está muy buenos

  15. bruce lee is my my favourite martial artist

  16. I will always LOVE Bruce Lee, but Jackie Chan is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! He’s GREAT, & FUNNY at the same time!! Plus he does his own stunts, that’s AWESOME!!!

  17. My fav martial artist
    Bruce Lee
    Tony Jaa
    Iko uwais
    Johnny tri Nguyen

  18. What the bruce lee foundation should produces its next movies is a young. B L and a young tong ya in there mid 20s , he never lost a fight and bruce.lee a young martial artsists. Promoting is style P S. Its puerly fiction , lara 621 find it .

  19. Why tf is it not one Michael Jai White movie in this????!!!!

  20. Sure , the last kick of Bruce Lee ,
    kiss of the dragon and Ong Bak

  21. Remember standing in lines around the block to see a Bruce Lee movie

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