13 Demons | Full Horror Thriller Movie

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13 Demons – Gary, and his friends who are into gaming, renaissance fairs and various unsavory vices, stumble across a rare, medieval board game called “13 Demons.” They discover the game has a dark history and was banned from most countries long ago for strange and mysterious reasons including unexplained deaths attributed to the game.

Stars: Stephen Grey, Michael Cunningham, Daniel Falicki

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  1. Instead of making a new Star Trek series they make silly garbage.

  2. The rest sucked too. You're welcome for the time I spent watching it. Consider it a gift.

  3. THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!😂🤣😂 But love the movie though.

  4. That game consumed those guys lives n that wae just a board game, imagine this technology consuming everyone now n days

  5. Ahaa! I'm mad I enjoyed this 😉

  6. This is the weirdest and funniest interrogation I've ever seen
    Very good

  7. Jumanji from Wish. not worth the time

  8. I stopped smoking 10 days ago. And today I watched this movie. DO NOT DO THAT! Smoke, peace, & hair grease, people.✌🏿

  9. Half an hour into the movie and I want to pause it. Maybe it will get better.

  10. All the warriors love by demons i hate them the most


  12. It is not a game it is THE GAME.

  13. Its not a gameeeeeeeeee

  14. I'm not good with this only my opinion purely evil👹

  15. 😂😂😂 just asking..is it a game??😄😄

  16. This is cool like a Knights Templars

  17. Anybody else here know Frank Zappa? Bio-twin, perhaps? Lol

  18. Damn. This movie is like a bad acid trip

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