10 TRUE Disturbing Dispatcher & 911 Operator Horror Stories | (Scary Stories)

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The Life of A Dispatcher – Neil from DispatchingStories

Want The Police Sent Back Out? No Problem! from DispatchingStories

911 calls from an abandoned house from Paranormal

Volunteer Job from LetsNotMeet

At least I saved this one. from DispatchingStories

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  1. That abortion story has to be one of the worst things I've ever heard. No one should ever, ever be in a position where they think of that, and do that to themselves. I'm like frozen and glitching right now, like my brain doesn't want to comprehend the horror. I have friends who have gone to clinics and had safe abortions and gone home and been ok. And this woman died alone in a tub, literally in a pool of her own blood, not having expected to die at all because she'd been successful before.

  2. Completely Completely creepy creepy of course darling!! 🤚🏼🤚🏼

  3. I love all your stories….always listen to them while I'm going to sleep👌keep up the great work and let the darkness take control

  4. 911 dispatcher stories are always awesome

  5. Your story’s are so good and so ineresting

  6. My sister is a 911 dispatcher for our city and the city we live in is very harsh, I’ve seen how the calls can effect her and her everyday life at times. It’s definitely not an easy job at all. THANK YOU TO ALL DISPATCHERS!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! WE APPRECIATE THE WORK YOU GUYS DO!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. That poor operator got scared because the cops wanted Dunkin Donuts

  8. Thanks. As A long term dispatcher I got to mention 1 thing everyone forgets. sometimes its our own family members that die also. I handled the call for my own father when he died in the line of duty. It really messes with your head, I almost quit after.

  9. thank you for making this even though they get demonitized. WE LOVE THEM!!!! And we appreciate you

  10. the code 42 one gave me a chuckle

  11. Learn to BLOODY WELL READ? You're English?

    Expletives isn't pronounced ''EXPELLETIVES''

  12. Dead beat dad drives drunk to ex wife's, threatens terrorism and abuses the police but of course it's the woman's fault 😑

  13. OMG!!! That guy who just has to "suck it up", I just want to give him a hug

  14. The first story is alternate reality fnaf

  15. All great but especially the last one 👏👏👏

  16. Who were the dumb people who disliked the video

  17. holy shit that code 42 story got me lmfao

  18. That far wasn't a deadbeat. A drunk person being a piece of shit, definitely. Deadbeat though? Being a dad who has to deal with society and courts automatic assumption of dad=bad and dad=wallet when it comes to divorce or separation, that's a huge peeve of mine. Since we don't know the full extent of that situation he very well could've just been at his mental end after dealing with a mom that alienates the children from their dad and plays the victim because she knows everyone will believe her without question. A court system that does the same, speaks to him like he's trash no matter what, and uses the misfortune of divorce as a quick money grab. Then reminds him constantly that he's a shit father no matter what and the only way to even remotely be a good dad is with $$. It's all abuse and yes even men have a breaking point.

  19. These are not real.also woman do not choose hanging as a suicide,it's very very rare.look at the stats

  20. You're videos honestly help me awhile with my anxiety with me over thinking because it helps me focus your voice is very calming I have migraines a lot their terrible they make me sick if feels like the world is spinning it feels like I don't have balanced at all it hurts so bad I throw up a lot when I am having a migraine like I've learned that I listen to one of your videos in that it helps my headache because your voice is very calming

  21. To be able to do the job that these ppl do, I highly commend and thank them for they are Angel's on earth💞HUG'S to them. I can only imagine the horror of their work and I'm sure at times they feel gratification that they have saved ppls lives but still alot of times horrific. I listened to half of the story's then had to stop, cant say from horror but I think from the depression of the sadness of them. Father God Bless them.

  22. That first one has got to be about the former Caraway Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama

  23. Tough job indeed. Thanks Mort 👍🏻 💚 🦊

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