10 Spectacular WAR Movies on Netflix You Must Watch!

If you’re looking for some great war movies to watch on Netflix, this is the perfect list for you!

This video will show 10 spectacular films that are all available on Netflix. These movies have a wide variety of tones, from historical dramas to action-packed thrillers.
Check the full movies list and trailers : https://pickbe.net/best-war-movies-on-netflix/

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  1. Just gotta say 6 days is so good

  2. The dracula music and accent makes it spooky and funny

  3. It’s hard to find a war movie these days that isn’t just a drama fest. When I’m looking for war movies I’m looking for mostly action and very little drama like platoon.

  4. Rofl racial tensions too today? I'm white and don't know anyone that hates any race. Smh


  6. u guys could watch kill team

  7. War Horse a fantastic movie .

  8. My list:
    10, Platoon.
    09, Das boot.
    08, The sea shall not have them.
    07,Tears of the Sun.
    06, Battle of Britain.
    05, Saving private Ryan.
    04, We dive at dawn.
    03, A bridge too far.
    02, The Dam Busters.
    01, The siege of Jadotville.
    Unfortunately Netflix don't show all of them.

  9. It was enthusiastic but the thing is that platoon is not available for all country's like (Canada) for sample

  10. …..0:36….Black Hawk Down..

  11. 12:30 Even when I’m at my worst you still make me feel like a princess.

  12. Best Action movies of 2021( NO fast9 and Jumanji)


  13. 10:14 There are many ways to be happy, but the fastest way is seeing you.

  14. Let's not forget 'All quiet on the western front' and 'Paths of Glory'. It's called 'Schindlers list' no 'Schniders list'!

  15. Bro sandcastle was a good movie

  16. i gotta say tuntematon sotilas is by faar best that i have ever seen

  17. Proud to be SOMALI 🇸🇴☝

  18. Platoon is the best Vietnam war film ever made. Ive seen apocalypse now and Full metal jacket. They are not platoon, They don't have the passion and greatness mixed with realness from Oliver stone who was in Vietnam himself. His other two films around it are good too but not a patch on Platoon.
    The Pianist off course is a sad and harrowing film.
    Schindler's list was a difficult watch.
    Old glory is a good Civil war film too.

  19. I would highly recommend BAND OF BROTHERS

  20. It's Shindler, not Schnieder!

  21. I would also recommend ‘Gallpoli’,

    Its about these group of young boys (around 17) going to gallipoli in WW1 and there story

    Ending is really sad.

  22. Did he just say schneiders list. I haven't seen that one

  23. Beasts of no nation should be on this list, boy what a film

  24. Real WW2 happened in Eastern Front. Should better watch russian movies

  25. Hacksaw Ridge is the best war film I've ever seen.

  26. Snider's List, I must have missed that one.

  27. The best war movie i've watched was the russian film T34

  28. Well netflix sucks sometimes cus no have some old movie i like

  29. How can you miss Hacksaw Ridge ?

  30. This missed a lot of good ones. Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, Flags of Our Fathers, Fury, … just to name a few.

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